Razer Naga Molten Special Edition



Razer is a privately held, USA based, company that specializes in computer products for gamers. These include mice, keyboard, gaming surfaces (read: mouse pads) and audio products. Razer also makes controller for Xbox 360 gaming console.

Razer’s claim to fame is its mice. In fact it’s very first product was a 2000 dpi mouse for PC gamers. Razer hasn’t looked backed since and now has a mouse for all genres of PC gaming.

Today we’ll be looking at Razer’s Naga Molten SE mouse, which has been specially crafted for MMO gaming.

The mouse was designed to complement World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm expansion pack release. The illuminated pattern on the body (discussed a little later) was designed to reflect this.


Gaming/ MMO Mouse

Razer classification



116L x 69W x 41H (mm)


Black/ Illuminated


17 fully programmable

12 Button Thumb Grid


Laser/ 5000 dpi

Response time


The mouse comes in a flip top box. The lid has a large graphic of the mouse itself together with icons of some of the accolades that the series has won from various publications.


Opening the lid reveals the mouse which is held in place by a transparent plastic protective cover. The inside of the lid describes the most prominent feature of the mouse –the multi button thumb grid.


The back of the box is chock full of information about the mouse both pictorially as well as textually in several languages.

The right side of the box goes on to list more features of the mouse, while the left side has a rather self praising message from the Razer guy!

As with all Razer mice the accessories come in a cardboard pouch is wrapped in cellophane. The pouch has the Razer logo on one side and their company motto on the other.


In the pouch you’ll find a quick start guide, a master guide and a product catalogue. There is also a certificate of authenticity.


There are also a couple of Razer decals and the Naga Molten SE grid trainer. The latter are a set of plastic tags that can be placed on the thumb grid to train the user to locate the ‘correct’ buttons. Once the user is comfortable with button programming the tags can be removed. These tags proved to be of great help in our own orientation during testing and are certainly no gimmick.

The general design of the mouse does not vary much from the original Naga.


The top of the mouse features the same contours as the original. This makes a lot of sense considering how well the original was received. The curved top surface moulds perfectly to the palm of the hand, while the fingers rest comfortably over the forward sloping mouse buttons.


The mouse wheel is located between the two buttons. There are two more buttons to the left of the left mouse button.


When powered up the body illuminates the Razer logo. This time it has been modified to match the general theme of the Cataclysm expansion pack. Thus the different color and the design around the Razer logo which basically resemble a scorched surface.

The right side of the mouse is bare and again is designed for maximal user comfort.


The left side features the thumb grid. This is a set of 12 user programmable buttons arranged in a 3 by 4 grid. By default these correspond to the numerical keys at the top of the keyboard (or the Numpad). This is what makes this mouse so special for MMO players. It is possible to use special abilities without the need to switch hands to the keyboard.


The bottom of the mouse features the ultra-slick TM gliding surface. This allows for virtually noise-free movement over the gaming surface. This feature works well. We compared the movement to a standard mouse with rubber feet and there was a discernable quietness about the Razer Naga Molten SE.

The center hosts the Razer 3.5G laser mouse sensor. To its right is a rocker switch which allows the user to set the thumb grid to emulate the keyboard numeric keys (‘123’ position) or the Numpad (‘Num’ position).


The connector cable is in a braided sleeve and ends in a gold plated USB connector.

The mouse does not come with a software disk; rather the requisite drivers must be downloaded off the company’s website. What some might consider an over-sight I consider to be a blessing. Drivers on disks are usually out dated when the product eventually makes it to the user. Most would simply install the drivers off the disk. As new versions of the driver either add or improve functionality or fix bugs, the average user would probably end up calling tech-support, posting in various forums or pulling his or her hair out. By ‘forcing’ the user to download the latest version, Razer is doing them a favor by making sure they get the latest version of the software.


The driver offers extensive customization options. The first screen allows the user to setup the mouse buttons. All of the mouse buttons are customizable


The second screen is all about tweaking performance. The mouse’s sensitivity can be adjusted individually for X and Y axis. It is also possible to set the same sensitivity to both the axes. It is also possible to vary the mouse polling rate as well as mouse acceleration.


The profile screen makes it possible to setup an infinite number of custom profiles. This is handy if the mouse is used for different types of games or applications.


It is possible to record and bind multiple mouse strokes as macros. Very handy for those tricky mouse button combination for end of level bosses etc


The final screen allows the user to adjust the lightning on the mouse. It is possible to individually setup the mouse wheel/ thumb grid and Razer logo lighting.


The mouse’s firmware is simply updated by unplugging the mouse, holding the two buttons as well as the mouse wheel while plugging the mouse. The updater software must be also be running before plugging the mouse back in.

Finally it is also possible to install add-on for popular MMOs to extend the mouse’s functionality. Right now add-ons are available for World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online.

I must confess, I am not an avid MMO player. FPSs are my forte. The first time I held the Naga Molten SE it felt light. I am used to my heavy setup mouse for first person shooters. Once I got used to the feel of the mouse the next challenge was to master the thumb grid. Thanks to the tags bundled with the mouse this was a relatively easy task.

The Naga Molten SE is very easy on the hand. Even after hours of game play, my hand was very comfortable, sweaty but comfortable. The lit up Razer logo does raise the temperature of the mouse. Thankfully it can be easily turned off.

To use the mouse to its full potential the add-on MMO pack must be installed. This button mod allows for configuration of the button bars for use with the mouse and is very easy to use.

The mouse will find a home outside the MMO realm. Though it does take some time to adjust to the relative light weight of the mouse. It is relatively easy to reprogram the buttons for productivity apps (Word, Photoshop etc).

Using the mouse to play shooters is another matter. The thumb grid tends to get in the way. Razer does make other products that are specific to FPS game play.

The requisite software is excellent allowing total control over mouse. The added firmware updater will allow Razer to continuously evolve the mouse.

The Naga Molten SE is a very special mouse, created for a very specific purpose. The thumb grid works amazingly well in MMOs as well other applications. The software is easy to use. The mouse is comfortable to use even after hours of use. However the South Paws amongst you will likely feel left out as the mouse is not ambidextrous and does not come in a left hander version. Highly recommended for MMOs enthusiasts especially the millions of World of Warcraft lovers. Naga Molten SE is the benchmark to compare all MMO mice to.

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