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Razer is one of the world’s leading gaming gear and peripheral maker with a focus on three fundamental aspects - technology, ergonomics, and validation. The company Razer has aimed to deliver on the promise of their motto, "For the gamers, by the gamers" with products that are geared for the gaming audience.

But that has changed with the launch of the latest Adaro audio series which are aimed to please the general music loving crowd which includes audiophiles, DJs and casual users. The Razer Adaro Audio series lets Razer enter a new market audience which isn't restricted to gamers but open to everyone who loves music popping up inside the ears.

Today, we will be testing out the latest Razer Adaro Wireless Bluetooth headphones which aim to deliver a light-weight and comfortable on-the-go experience to users at a price of $149.99 US. Let's see whether the new line of audio products from Razer live up to the expectations.

We all require a pair of headphones that can keep up with our work and play, a personal companion that you can take about whether you are chilling on the couch or out on the move. Introducing the Razer Adaro Wireless Bluetooth headphones – wireless freedom for your music. The Razer Adaro Wireless is built to follow you wherever you go.

Featuring the advanced Bluetooth 4.0 standard with aptX technology, the Razer Adaro Wireless easily connects to your Bluetooth® audio devices, providing pristine CD-quality audio for up to 20 hours. Packing high performance, custom-tuned 40mm neodymium magnet drivers, the Razer Adaro Wireless delivers crisp, natural sounding acoustics for an amazing audio experience.

These powerful drivers are housed in the Razer Adaro Wireless' custom developed, fully adjustable architecture, allowing for an extremely comfortable and lightweight design. With its brilliant Razer Adaro sound, wireless portability and comfortable form factor, the Razer Adaro Wireless are the perfect headphones for cord-free music enjoyment on the go. via Razer

Razer Adaro Audio Series - The Art of Sound

This transition to the audiophile market made Razer to release a new series of audio headphones known as the Razer Adaro Audio Series which includes four new products designed to deliver quality sound experience for professional entertainment. The Razer Adaro lineup includes the Adaro In-Ear Analog Earphones, Adaro Stereo Analog Headphones, Adaro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones and the Adaro DJ Analog Headphones.
Razer Adaro Wirelress Headphones_3

The new audio lineup will initially feature four models: bass-heavy earphones, analog stereo headphones, Bluetooth headphones and DJ-style headphones. Each member of the Razer Adaro family is designed with a heavy focus on durability, comfort and uncompromised sound quality for music listening.

The Razer Adaro series marks the company’s latest venture into the personal entertainment audio space. The Razer Kraken and Electra, two of Razer’s best-selling headphones, were tuned for music, as well as gaming.

“Making technically advanced headsets to meet the extraordinary requirements of professional gamers has been a primary focus for us for years, and applying that competency to the development of headphones designed for music lovers is a natural extension for the business and our fans,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director. “For some time now, we’ve been asked to come out with a line of headphones that addresses the other interests of our community. The Razer Adaro lineup offers just that: high-quality, portable audio for kicking-back, traveling and training, and even for making music.”

All four Razer Adaro products are available for pre-order now. For more information, check out www.razerzone.com. Also, view the Team Farang Razer Adaro Series lookbook here.

Razer Adaro Wireless Technical Specifications

You can find the technical specifications and features  for the Razer Adaro Wireless Bluetooth headphones below:

Razer Adaro Wireless Technical Specifications:

  • Bluetooth v4.0 with aptX Technology
  • Drivers: 40mm Neodymium Magnets
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Sensitivity: 91dB ± 3dB
  • Max Input: 50mW
  • Operating distance: 10m
  • Playtime: Up to 20hrs
  • Standby Time: Up to 300hrs
  • Charging time: 2.5hrs
  • Charging cable: 0.8m Micro-USB to USB charging cable
  • Approximate Weight: 197g

Razer Adaro Wirelress Features:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity with AptX Technology Set yourself free from the annoyances of cables with the freedom and effortless connectivity of Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Custom-Tuned 40mm Dynamic Drivers Perfected by our audio engineers and sonic-optimized through countless prototypes to deliver amazing audio.
  • Comfortable, Lightweight Form Factor Constructed out of a mix of metals and plastic, and complemented by an adjustable headband and plush ear cushions.
  • Playback and Volume Controls For a convenient, no strings attached audio experience.
  • Plush Leatherette Ear Cushions For full-on comfort without external distractions, even after prolonged usage.
  • CD-Quality Audio over Bluetooth AptX technology allows for pristine quality audio for an immersive listening experience.
  • Up to 20 Hours of Playback Stay with your music on-the-go longer with the ultra-low power consumption of Bluetooth 4.0.

Razer Adaro Wireless - Unboxing

Razer has went with a black color scheme with the Adaro audio headphone lineup which quite suits the design and aesthetics of the Adaro Wirelress headphones. The front of the box comes with a large picture of the head phone itself followed by the good old Razer logo on the top-right hand corner, Adaro Wireless labeling on the left hand corner and a slight mention of aptX and Bluetooth on the bottom left corner.Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Box

The back side of the box retains the black color giving a glimpse on the design of the headphones. The features are listed in four different languages; English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. There's a strike of white line at the very bottom of the box which mentions "Art of Sound".Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Box Back

The sides are nothing special with rendered shots of the Razer Adaro Wirelress headphones and the standard black colored labeling. Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Box Side 2

What is really interesting is the flip cover which opens up to deliver a short detail regarding the Adaro Series lineup and what makes the Adaro series so special over the standard Razer gaming line of headsets and headphones.

The flip cover pops up to reveal that the headphones lay behind a plastic cover and we can see that Razer did a well enough job with the packaging on the Adaro Wireless headphones.Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Cover


The "The Art of Sound" label can be seen once again which means that the term is being emphasized by Razer a lot.Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Art of Sound

The Razer Adaro Wireless Bluetooth headphones are held with two ties that are easy to release. They offer enough support so that the package/product doesn't get damaged during shipping or transportation.Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Open Box

Finally, before moving onwards, we take a look at the standard accessories package. The Razer Adaro Wireless comes with a Information Guide, Quick Start Guide and a charging cable colored green. Green may sound weird but the the wire is there just for charging and to be honest it doesn't look half as bad as it sounds and is a regular Micro USB cable which can be found easily in the market in case the one shipping with the package gets lost or damaged. There are also two Razer stickers that ship with the package and Razer has made it a standard to ship them with each of their products which is a nice addition and can be used on laptops, PCs, cars, etc just for the sake of customization.Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Accessories


Razer Adaro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Gallery:

Razer Adaro Wireless - A Closer Look

The Razer Adaro Wireless headphones feature an all black color scheme with strikes of silver along the borders of the ear cups, the metal skeleton of the head band and the Razer logo. This adds a really nice touch and the black color scheme does really suit the style of the headphones. When I started to use these over the Razer BlackShark headset, they literally felt too lite for my head and the size is somewhat smaller but the reduction of size is there to add more comfort, a factor where these headphones really shine.Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth

The head band is of a slim yet sturdy design which fits on the head just fine. The leather material used on the head band is very soft and tied well along the edges adding into the aesthetics that the Razer has adopted for their latest line of headphone series.Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Head Band

The ear cups are attached to the headband through a plastic cover with labels of "L" for Left and "R" for Right for proper sound optimization while wearing the headphones. The plastic connectors are strong enough to adjust for heads of all sizes and two leather cables run into the head band through these connectors which connects both ear cups together.Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Wired

One of the thing I personally loved the most about these headphones was the Razer logo engraved on the top of the head band which adds an amazing touch to the aesthetic design. At first it felt like that the head band was damaged when I first opened the package but I was met with a positive outcome which I am really pleased for.
Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Razer logo

The metallic skeleton of the head band runs straight from the top and into the ear cups themselves. This type of mechanism allows users to adjust the ear cups position with ease so that their ears can fit in the cups just fine. All there is to do is move the ear cups up or down to your desired position and they'll stay in place and don't get loose at all.Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Cult of Razer Logo

Below you can see the two pictures showcasing the maximum positions at which the ear cups can adjust till using the metallic frame of the head band.Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Adjust 2 Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Adjust 1

Being comfortable and light-weight is a defining factor for these headphones since they'll be used on the go by the users which is essentially what they are designed for. Razer has used the latest Plush leatherette ear cushions design for the Adaro Audio series and the same goes for the Adaro Wireless. The Razer ergonomic team has done a well job with this design so that the ear cups fits around the ears easily. That plus offer comfort and no distraction after hours of use. This is a issue faced on some of the current gaming headsets which either get too hot by trapping heat or too heavy that the ears start to hurt after a few hours of usage. The Razer Adaro Wire less eliminates these issue to a point where they don't bother the user much. Even during usage, the voice is just about isolated so that it doesn't cause an issue to the surroundings. However, when not plugged in and the head phones are operational, they will emit a latitude of noise so its better not to leave the headphones on in public places.Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Earcups

Aside from their design, these ear cups house several other essential components, first one are the custom-tuned 40mm Neodymium Magnets which have a frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHz and Impedance of 32 Ohms. The aren't your standard quality headphones and are a premium product designed for audio loves with fantastic bass quality for such a light product.Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_EarCups close

The Left Ear Cup houses most of the electronic circuitry of the Adaro Wireless headphones which include the Bluetooth v4.0 (with aptX technology) hardware and rest of the connectivity which includes the power on and off button, Volume Up/ Down switch and last but not least the charging dock which is hidden inside a rubber cover.Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Ear

There's a light on the top of these connectors which lights up in two different colors. Red while charging, Blue while connected and Red/Blue while finding other bluetooth devices.Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Design

Razer Adaro Wireless Gaming and General Performance

The usual disclaimer for audio products: Before I begin, let me say this. Sound is completely and utterly relative. Audio that appears heavenly to me might appear utterly horrible to you and vice versa. That said, being an enthusiastic audiophile my testing methodology is quite thorough . Without further ado, let me describe my testing methodology. The first part will be to test the audio fidelity of the headset in non-Gaming situations. This will include music and movies. The other part will include Gaming situations.

As mentioned in the introduction of the Adaro Audio series, the Razer Adaro Wireless Bluetooth headphones are specifically designed audiophiles in mind. While Razer is still a company that delivers to the gaming masses to its root, they are branching out into different sections of the industry and this lineup has been designed for the new casual and DJ audience who love to listen to music, watch music and have something that's light enough to cover their head on-the-go so that they can listen to their favorite music playlists or just spend some quality time to watch the latest movies in true wireless environment.

For starters, this is a wireless headphones and has been a total game changer for me since I haven't used or tried any quality headphones beside the basic and more cheaper options which you can get from any local store in your area. After the unboxing, I had to charge the headphones since they didn't power up during the first start. Razer mentions that the headphones need a 2.5 hour long charging before they are fully charged and packed with enough power to span almost an entire day. That exact figure is around 20 hours and is enough time for any user. I honestly can't tell the time I personally calculated since the battery never dropped dead on me since I was putting it on charge after ever 5-6 hours but I can tell that the 20 hour figure is true since the headphones can hold up on their own for an extra day while being left on Stand-By or when they are not under usage giving an ample time for audiophilic needs. And seriously, charging isn't even an issue. All you need to do is hook it up with your laptop, PC a wall Mini-USB power connector and it will be up in no time given the small charge time of 2.5 hours.

With the device fully charged, the headphones can be booted up easily with a 3 second long press on the power button and while wearing, you can even hear an VI announcer welcoming you with the following note: "Hello" followed by "The Device is Powered On". Soon after it finds a pairable bluetooth device, you'll hear it say "Your Device has been connected" and "Your Device has been Disconnect" when either bluetooth is turned off or the device has been unpaired. The headphones can easily be find listed under your phone or PC's bluetooth devices through a search and can be connected without the need of entering a password or security code. The only issue is that the headphones will connect with each pairable device they can found active which they have already been used with hence there's a need to either disable the bluetooth on the other devices first or unpair them to make use of them on a separate device.Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Phone

With the devices connected up, I tested the headphones with a few devices with smartphones being the obvious first choice. Smartphones have come a long way and are powerful enough with custom equalizer built into their music software which enable tuning on the go if you are a Treble or a Bass lover. Out of the three buttons with mentioned earlier on the left ear cup, the last one is the most useful since it's not only used to tone Volume up and down but also used to pause/play music with a press in the center and play next track with a forward stroke and play previous track with a back stroke.Razer Adaro Wirelress Bluetooth_Phone On

Listening to music was a spectacular experience, especially when the headphones were connected to a device which was in a separate room and I didn't had to worry about cables. The light-weight nature of the headphones is a feeling which I want others to experience since you'll not get used to it that easily. It almost feels like if you're wearing a light weight cap on your head and not a heavy-weight headset. The bass and voice clarity is good for the product and watching movies wasn't that bad either. Having seen "Edge of Tomorrow" and the new "Godzilla" was a blast however I felt the headphones could have provided a higher level of volume since it did felt low on some points but it is still a much better experience then most other wireless solutions in the market which can't deliver the same level of bass and clarity as Razer does.

Movies and Music is great and the sound isolation was near perfect with the added comfort. Gaming was another story. These days, I have moved over to some new titles while replaying some of the older ones. Mass Effect as a trilogy is a franchise I visit every few months or so and I have lost the track of the total playthroughs I have done of this game, its too good. The other game is DayZ which I recently got my hands on after watching almost every streamer playing it on Twitch and to be honest, its a very fun experience with friends (Not much alone since you'll either get looted or killed by random folks). DayZ is based off a custom engine that has enhancements from ARMA II and ARMA III. ARMA which is considered one of the best military simulation titles is known for its close-to-reality situations hence the sounds are pitch perfect for the guns and environment. During such instances, the BlackShark offered much more in-depth voice for foot-steps, zombies and guns as compared to Adaro which is a trade off for the clear bass and music quality which the headphones delivered. Mass Effect being a different title didn't had these issues and the sound effects and music deliverance was good.


The Razer Adaro Wireless Bluetooth headphones are a awesome new product geared for users who need a portable headphones that can delivers great audio on-the-go. The pricing does put it in the high tier league selling at $149.99 US but its quite justified given the comfortable design and performance the wireless head phones deliver.

The obvious choice for these headphones are not hardcore online gamers and not even the hardcore DJs or music audience but the mainstream casual crowd who want something light to cover their heads so that they can listen to music while commuting, working or just sitting in the room with nothing to do. These headphones become a obvious choice for TV setups when alone or at times when you don't want to bother people in your house with the sound of your massive 7.1 surround audio systems. The wireless design and brilliant audio performance provides a unique experience. While I won't advise these headphones to any online gamer since these come without a micro phone which plays an important role in that genre, I will advise these to gamers who play single player games and can make a well addition to a PC or console through an easy bluetooth connection. Smartphones are the obvious choice for these headphones and the usage was issue-free so no problems there.

The only issue is that the bass and sound does seem a bit low in certain situations and games. The nifty details which gamers and DJs require are missing from these headphones probably because Razer went with a comfortable approach rather than a bulky high-performance audio solution. This brings in the other choices in the Razer Adaro series such as the Razer Adaro DJ which we haven't tested yet, retailing at $200 US. Games will consider the more expensive and bulky audio solutions a better choice but when it comes to comfort and portability, Razer has done an absolutely splendid job with their latest Razer Adaro Wireless Bluetooth head phones being a light-weight and wireless solution for audio lovers.

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