I had a chance to test drive the Monoprice BT600 ANC headphones, offering both active noise cancellation and an ambient mode. This was a welcome product, as I have difficulty keeping true wireless earbuds in my ears and uncomfortableness after a few hours on any earbuds that I can hold in my ears. Utilizing wireless earbuds has caused me to choose the clothing I wear, which seems exceptionally careful. Still, it has a lot to do with my stance on efficient everyday carry (EDC) strategies.

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You receive a charging cable and a connecting cord in the box if you choose to listen wired instead of wirelessly. You also receive a nice durable travel case if you need to pack the headphones away after use. Inside the case is a nice pocket, covered in a mesh fabric, to hold the cables included with the headphones. My experience with other brands shows that the mesh pocket tends to tear after a while, but this fits into the inside of the case quite firmly, so I see this lasting longer than other company's headphone cases.

The Monoprice BT600ANC headphones have a premium feel for your head, along with padding for the top wrap. However, in an attempt to wear them backward, the headphones are uncomfortable, so they are already designed to fit the user's head a certain way. If you have difficulty distinguishing what way to wear the headphones, they have printed on each side of the mesh of the inner speaker "R" and "L."

The BT600ANC headphones have some heft to them, which I see more as a sign of quality and durability, which leads me to believe that these headphones will last longer than other models I have tried in the past. Certain elements, such as the adjustable metal arms and the ability to fold the headphones to keep the footprint small when not in use, offer security in knowing that Monoprice has attempted to make a product that can handle a decent amount of misuse can sometimes happen.

The Monoprice BT600 offers a one-button bar on the right side of the BT600 headphones. That button controls the power, ambient control, active noise cancellation, and Bluetooth pairing mode. The button is very durable, but I will have to see if it will maintain its durability after months of use or if it will fall prone to repeated presses and malfunction.

Sound quality

The sound quality is pretty strong for the Monoprice BT600 ANC headphones. I found it to sound reasonably standard when all modes are deactivated. More treble was noticeable, but it also depended on what device I was using with the headphones. The treble appears more in the forefront when using the included wired cable, with the bass not as strong as I was anticipating. However, I heard the bass more clearly when using the active noise canceling and ambient noise options on the BT600 headphones. When using the equalizers found in particular software and applications—Spotify was my testing application—I increased the bass necessary. Still, it was a shame that it did not offer the heavy bass I expected to hear.

Phone calls were more difficult for others to hear me well. The sound quality of speaking to someone else on the phone is not as clear, but I find that to be reasonably consistent with every headphone and earbuds that I have owned in the past. I have yet to find one device that will pick up the sound of my voice well enough for others to hear me.

Interesting and troublesome touch features

The right side of the Monoprice BT600 ANC headphones houses the large button on the bottom of the right earpiece and utilizes touch control features, which for me, was hit and miss. One feature is to limit the sound from the headphones if you need to hear something at that moment, whether it be a conversation with another person or hearing the area around you, without having to pause what you are listening to at that precise moment. I found that I could activate this feature with my hand cupped over the right side of the headphones, but I could also trigger the feature by shifting my head to rest against my right shoulder. I noticed this as I was stretching, and suddenly, the music disappeared until I moved my head away from my shoulder. Another touch feature is the volume control, but you would never know it was there unless you read the instructions before use. Sliding your finger up and down the right side of the headphone controls the volume. It is an okay feature but seems more flaunting the touch technology than really utilizing the true purpose of the headphones. I would have preferred a button control over the touch controls for my volume levels. The biggest frustration was activating my smartphone assistant with the headphones. The company expects you to place your finger in the center of the headphone for a short period, and your assistant will activate it. I made it work a more significant majority of the time. Still, again, I would much instead not use touch control for most features and implement these operations with a guaranteed button press.


I find myself immersed in what I am working on and listening to music while I work. This hyper-focusing causes me to have earbuds or headphones on for long hours. When wearing the Monoprice BT600 ANC headphones, they are snug on my head. That is great knowing that they fit well on my head, but after about 2.5 to three hours of use, it starts to hug my head a little too tightly. I hope that the comfort during long music or audiobook sessions will last longer after more usage.

Exceptional battery life

Monoprice advertises that the BT600 ANC headphones have an incredible 40 hours of listening to anything (this, of course, being at average volume levels) and an astounding 30 hours of talk time with the device. I was impressed that the battery's life was incredibly vast and found the ultimate bonus to using these headphones.


I will agree that the BT600 ANC headphones by Monoprice last for well over a days worth of listening and use.

The Monoprice BT600 ANC headphones are fabulous for those listeners who want quality sound with the quantity of battery life and durability. However, the headphones may not be what audiophiles wish to, especially for premium bass levels. The noise-canceling and ambient noise options are spot on and utilize the two features quite well. The touch features allow for fewer accidental button presses and more frustration from the user trying to increase and decrease volume levels and activate their phone's intelligent assistant.

These are worthy candidates for the average user looking for a premium headphone and listening experience for the price. However, the price is reasonable from an audiophile's perspective, but you may want to pass for a higher-priced headphone from a manufacturer known for their audio technology.

Wccftech Rating

These are long-lasting wireless headphones that you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

  • Great sound, great noise canceling, long battery life
  • Touch controls are very sensitive.

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