The Launch Review: Cozify Smart Home

May 10, 2016

The Equipment!

Ok, so that’s a LOT of preamble to the actual review, but I think this stuff is important. Now to the exciting stuff, the equipment of course! I'm itching to tear the boxes open and just start plugging things in, but pictures need to be taken first.

Cozify have just launched in the UK this month. They sent me several pieces of kit to take a look at and get me started on my smart home adventure. Included was:

  • The Cozify Hub: The beating heart if you will of your smart home.
  • 6 Osram Lightify smart spotlights.
  • Sonos Play:1 smart speaker.
  • NyCe wall multi-sensor.
The gear!

This is enough to “smartify” a couple of rooms in my house. The six spots are for the lounge, the speaker for the kitchen. Undecided on how best to use the sensor yet but I’ll get to that later on in the review.

A couple of notes here. Smart stuff isn’t cheap. At time of writing, this stuff was available from the Cozify online shop for:

  • Cozify Hub: €249
  • Osram Lightify spots: €40 each
  • Sonos Play:1: €225
  • NyCe sensor: €55

Holy Cow! Yep, you read that right, an introductory smart home setup €769. UK pricing is to come soon. In the meantime, some of these pieces you can pick up in the UK via Amazon of course. They work out slightly cheaper:

Osram Lightify spots: £29.99 each

Sonos Play:1: £169

That gets me curious. I wonder how much the non-smart lightbulbs are? I like spotlights and used them liberally around my house when we had an extension built a couple of years ago. LED’s aren’t the cheapest lights, but they are good and last a long time.

The prices have dropped a lot, Osram non-smart equivalents? £7.01 each. I’m starting to see what Kimmo mentioned previously about smart light switches potentially making more sense when you’ve got a lot of bulbs. That’s a saving of £137.88 in the first room alone…

Opening the boxes up, the Cozify hub has the hub itself (an unobtrusive small white box), an ethernet cable (the thin, flat kind in white to match the hub itself. Looks better I suppose for non-techies but I'm used to having cabling all over the place) for plugging into your home router, power cable with interchangeable UK/EU plugs and some documentation.

The bulbs and sensor are predictably Spartan in their box contents, I survive an early scare when I drop the NyCe multi-sensor and it crashes onto the table, chair and finally the tiles on the floor to breathlessly pick it up and pull out the battery blocking strip to see it still works. PHEW!

The Sonos Play:1 is a nice looking speaker. I’ve not had a Sonos before but have heard good things about them. It’s well packaged with minimal surplus material. Lifting it out of the box it has a fair bit of weight to it as we've come to expect these days from compact speakers. I know people who rave about Sonos so it'll be interesting to try this out.

So I’ve got these cool toys, time to set them up and have some fun!

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