Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Review


No one was hurt during the making of the game should be the tag line of this game, and why you ask?! That's because this game is one of the first in its kind to be portrayed through the lens. It is one the first games to have been inspired by documentary films ad user generated content, and is shown in much as the same way.

Kane and Lynch 2 is the sequel to the well acclaimed game with the same name: Kane and Lynch: Dead Men. The game was developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos Interactive under Square Enix, on the Xbox 360, PC and Playstation 3. Our game was reviewed on PC.

Unlike the first game, the player assumes the control of Lynch, in Dog Days and not Kane like in the first game.





The game takes place after Kane and Lynch have parted ways taking in account the events that occurred in the previous game at  Venezuela.  Lynch starts a new life with a girlfriend named Xiu, although he still works for a crime organization led by the English born Glazer. Being offered a high paying job by Glazer, involving weapon smuggling to Africa, Lynch calls in Kane, who accepts the request so as if he succeeds he may retire and have a happy life with his daughter Jenny.

First Impressions:





Here are some screen shots showing how the game is, and what kind of a gameplay it offers. By looking at the below screenshots, you will get an idea of what it is like, thus giving you: Its First Impressions





The plot of the game mainly takes place in the city of Shanghai, China. However, you do get to see many other inter-city places, meaning, you do not leave Shanghai but stay in it throughout the whole story. Events of the game take place in both daytime and night-time. The maps are restricted to a certain path so dont expect to dwindle around for fun, since there is no fun in doing that.

Let's talk about its gameplay. Kane and Lynch 2 is a third-person shooter involving lots of guns and violence. A perfect combination for people who love such things, like me. There are many features in the game that actually impressed me, let's talk about some:

New Features:





The game has a lot of guns, swappable for enemy weapons as well, so keeping this in mind, I would say that there are apprx: 15 - 20 weapons in the game at your disposable at different events and times. A person is allowed to carry only 2 guns at one time.

The game's basics are really simple, and you seriously don't need to be an rocket engineer to understand it. The game basically moves along the logic that you have a take cover and shoot, something very much similar to tactics in Gears of War and many other games. The person can take cover against almost anything, from cars, walls, boulders and even wooden planks.

One of the best features of the game is the blind-firing, which involves you (the player) pressing the Left-Mouse button, which causes your player (Lynch) to elevate or peek his gun out from the cover and shoot blindly. This is an amazing feature if an enemy is rushing towards you, not knowing you are behind the cover or if the enemy are in large numbers and peeking out with manual aim gets you pounded with a lot s of bullets.

The games physics are pretty moderate, nothing special which kind of makes me feel the game lacks something. Wooden planks can be obliterated which glass and other objects depending on material can be broken as well. The ability to take human-shield is present in the game, but IMHO it sucks, since the enemy is quite the fanatics they are and they just shoot the body shield themselves. Might as well execute him yourself I'd say.




The game involves a lot of violence, and as it is been shown as a documentary, there are some things which are censored in the game, this includes:

  • Human head (if the enemy is brutally shot or executed after a body shield)
  • Human body parts (in the case of the player / or A.I being naked)


Arcade is a fun and time wasting mode in Kane and Lynch, where you work alongside some other criminals and perform a certain task. For example, in one Arcade mode:

The person is requested to blow the train tracks, stop the train (which is filled with gold bars or money) and then to loot it. After the looting has taken place, the person has to make his way forward, along with other criminals to a place where a helicopter comes and extracts the player.

At the end, your player standing comes depending on how much money you earned:

  • Amount of money you took from the train &
  • Killing policeman, gives you money too, however,
  • Killing civilians, puts a negative value to the money earned

The Arcade Mode can be played offline, though I believe the most fun and interesting part of it lies in it being played online.







Kane and Lynch 2 has an amazing rendering system - partially because of which it has great graphics. The lightning effects in the game are pretty impressive, and objects are shown perfectly. Bullet holes are rightly shown.

Shanghai is the city of lights - or well it looks like one, not only in the game but in real life as well. The lights shine just correctly and reflect rightly. It just looks amazing seeing lots of light rendering the environment beautiful and lighting it up so that the person may see each and everything ahead clearly.

However, looking at other games of the same period:

  • Starcraft 2
  • Mafia 2 and
  • etc

I feel like the game lacks details on the human figure as a whole. The animations are not very fascinating and there is a lack of realism in them. Not only on the skin, but also on the clothes and so. If the animations were given a bit more work on, they would have given the game another touch of realism.


Kane and Lynch is a worthy game, especially for all those people who love guns and violence, and world certainly does not lack such people!. The game is action packed at each and every corner, and each and every corner is a cover against the enemy.

Having a varied arsenal of weapons, and a varied arsenal of A.Is with different difficulties, the game is made more interesting and fun. The storyline was pretty good, however I felt that it was a bit too short and needed something good to make it less predictable. The storyline was short, predictable and lacked that good storyline touch.

It is no surprise that the 1st game was more highly acclaimed then the sequel, probably because they did not put much effort into it.

But, keeping all things aside I would definitely recommend this game to everyone, not as a must play, but surely as a play if you have the time and money to spare. The game short lived its reputation earned from the 1st game, but provided a game that was a good and fun time pass, even if it was a mere 6 - 8 hours, the time in which the game can be completed if played with concentration.







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