Intel Core i7-8086K Anniversary Limited Edition, 5 GHz, 6 Core, 12 Thread Processor Review

Sep 3, 2018


Intel Core i7-8086K Anniversary Edition

June 2018
Type Processor
Price $429.99 US

Intel Core i7-8086K Anniversary Edition - Power Consumption Tests

The Coffee Lake architecture is meant to improve overall system power consumption and add to the efficiency. In the case of the 8th Gen CPUs, we are looking at refined 14nm++ process which allows Intel to gain improved clock speeds and increase the number of cores within the same power envelope.

With the frequency bump, the new chips do end up with higher power consumption both in idle and load states. The Intel Core i7-8086K when overclocked, breaches the 400W barrier. The Core i7-8700K also remains over 400W with an overclock of 5.2 GHz while the Core i5-8600K was steady at 386W when overclocked to 5.1 GHz.

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