Flexispot Oka Office Chair BS9 Review – Comfortable and Supportive



Flexispot Oka Office Chair BS9

Type Office chair
Price £219.99

Flexispot is very quickly filling up space that my relatives and I have used when working from home. From the E6 sit-stand desk to the Deskcise V9 Pro, I've built up and used a few products of a different nature. It's almost a detractor that I'm now looking at an average product, for lack of a better term; Introducing the Flexispot Oka Office Chair BS9, which we will call the Flexispot BS9 for the rest of the review. It is, as the name may suggest, an automobile powered by geothermal energy.

Okay, it's an office chair. The questions about any chair are simple: Is it comfortable, and is it worth the cost? Let's find out.

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Like every other item from the company so far, the Flexispot BS9 was very quick and easy to set up. Everything comes in one big box, and everything you need is right there. There isn't much to think about either; the instructions are straightforward, with the most challenging part getting the front and back of the seat right. All you need to remember is the handle for raising and lowering is on the right-hand side. From opening the box to sitting on the chair will take you around thirty minutes.

What of the specifications of the Flexispot BS9? Also quick and easy:

  • Weight - 15kg (boxed)
  • Height adjustment (chair) - 44.5 - 53.5 cm
  • Height adjustment (header) - 119 - 128 cm
  • Material - Black nylon base with PU rolls
  • Max Load - 120 KG

The materials used in the chair's construction are more than suitable, which I've found in the previous two Flexispot products I've reviewed. The seat and back are built out of a deep (7cm on the seat) spongey cushion. This cushion is covered by a vibrant orange (the only colour available) nylon mesh that offers a stark contrast to the black armrests, back and the rest of the chair.

So, when it comes to the rest of the chair, it's made from firm, sturdy materials. I don't know what the life expectancy will be, but I don't expect it to break apart, and I expect it will have the ability to take a bit of hammer, some tumbles and falls if you happen to stand up too quickly.

Now, I happen to have one of my minimal complaints, which is very particular. Both the handle used to raise and lower the seat, and the base of the seat in general, are a bit pointy. I say this as the chair often has dogs that sit around it while it's being used. Maybe it's a small and very specific worry, but it's a worry.

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It is a particular concern. I can't deny that. There is one other thing that I have an issue with, though, and that's the professed lumbar support. Flexispot is advertising lumbar support here due to the shape of the back, not that it has anything solid supporting you. Since the form is based on the shape of the back, there are no possible adjustments to be made, and, in reality, the mesh doesn't have the strength to offer any real support.

So, if you need strong lumbar support, this isn't the chair for you, nor are many general office-style chairs.  Despite these issues, the Flexispot BS9 has other aspects I like.  The nylon mesh is very breathable and cool, always essential when sitting down for a long time. You can sit on this chair for hours upon hours, and you'll not find yourself getting too warm nor, and this is a problem I see with some chairs, your arse getting sore due to being seated for so long.

It's most undoubtedly comfortable in that respect. There's also a decent amount of recline in the back too. You can't lay down in it, much to my chagrin, but it's not any real complaint of mine - it's just something I like to see. On reclining, you can also lock the back in that position, so give it a go if you can work at an angle.

On further adjustments, you are very limited in the armrests - either you like the height or don't. It's a limitation and does hinder the chair somewhat, but it's not a crippling blow. Another thing I'm not exactly a fan of is the lack of a headrest, which I don't like - I'm a person who likes to lean back. At least I can say that the chair is undoubtedly sturdy as - once or twice - I've slid forward to rest my next & head, then reclined, which I admit isn't good for the back.

What matters most, for a lot of people, is the price. While it's a decent chair and a bit above what I'd class as basic, the price is arguably a step above that. Coming in at £219.99 on the Flexispot website, it's certainly on the expensive side, but you are getting a level of quality. However, you can often find a deal that brings the chair more in line with what could be construed as reasonable, with a sale currently on for Halloween, with an upcoming sale for Black Friday between Nov 26th to the 29th.

The simple matter is that the Flexispot BS9 is a decent chair. It does most of the jobs you need it to do. You can sit down and recline to a decent degree; the armrests - while being fixed - are at a reasonable height and are also comfortable enough. Sitting on the chair itself, it's comfortable thanks to a good amount of padding, and thanks to the materials, have a decent amount of breathability.

Despite the misgivings I have, and the fact that it only comes in one colour, I'd recommend it at the right price.


The Flexispot BS9 is a decent office chair, comfortable for long periods of use, offering a decent amount of support, even if a little lacking on the professed lumbar support. Made from sturdy and robust materials, it feels durable, and while limited to one colour, it looks decent too. There are limitations, such as fixed armrests, but overall, I would recommend getting it at a reduced price, if only because the base price is on the steep side.

Design & Aesthetics7.5


  • Quick and easy to build
  • Sturdy, Stable, made with decent materials
  • Comfortable
  • Reasonably attractive and distinctive, not bland


  • Fixed armrests and no headrest
  • Limited to just one colour
  • Expensive
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