A10 7860k Review, AMD’s Most Efficient Desktop APU Yet.






Well, in the end it’s a bit of a mixed bag.  The i3 is clearly the stronger CPU, the A10 takes the cake on iGPU gaming, but then the i3 takes it back again with the dedicated GPU category.  Used for it's intention, as a small form factor gaming box or HTPC and the A10 7860k is undeniable.  At $117.99 it’s a great value for what it offers, a capable CPU and a very useable graphics core all on one die.  AMD did something impressive here by delivering A10 7850k level performance at much lower cost of entry than previous APU’s but also managed to drop the TDP significantly over their previous Kaveri/Godavari releases.  No, it doesn’t power the R9 380 nearly as well as the i3 does and in all reality if you’re buying that class of GPU you really should be looking into a 69beefier CPU anyway.  Put the A10 7860k in a small ITX form factor build, don’t worry about a dedicated graphics card, hook it up to your TV and enjoy a decent gaming and media consumption experience without worry of heat or noise.


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