A10 7860k Review, AMD’s Most Efficient Desktop APU Yet.


Dedicated GPU Gaming

Dedicated GPU Gaming


Running on an integrated gpu may be fine for some, but most want to know what happens when you outgrow that and want to move up to a beefier dedicated gpu.  For this we ran through many of the games again, but this time with a XFX R9 380.


Counter Strike Global Offensive gets the dedicated GPU treatment so you can crank the resolution and settings while still maintaining that high FPS.  We Ran this game at 1080p on High Settings, no AA.


Rocket League at over 100fps is like a hot knife through butter. We ran this title at 1080p and High Quality.


Dirt Rally is a game that benefits from both higher settings and higher frame rates.  We ran this at 1080p and Ultra Settings


Tomb Raider takes on a whole new look with TressFX.  We ran this game at 1080p and Ultimate preset.


Star Wars Battlefront was run at 1080p and Ultra Preset.



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