Airentec is a Chinese based company which manufactures many products such as case fans, chassis, mice and even fan controllers. One of their mice is the RedMouseR Two which may not have the looks of a serious gamers mouse it most certainly does deliver good performance when needed.


High-precision 6-buttom gaming ergonomic laser mouse in fashionable red-black design. Rubber scroll wheel is red underlilghted. Adjustable resolution for easy moving from 3000 to 4000 dpi. For better grip are the keys rubber-oiled. Two multifunctional gaming keys enables quick and easy "up and down page".Mouse can be connected using USB port. Tephlon pads make the mouse glide with less resistance over a surface.


The Mouse has 3 different DPI Settings; 3,000, 3,500 and 4,000 DPI while it is difficult at times to tell what DPI you are on (unless you’re a skilled gamer) because the center scroll is red when lit up and it doesn’t seem to change into any other color to indicate a DPI change like we see in the A4 Tech X7 mice series.


The mouse borrows its design from the CoolerMaster Sentinel it feels much lighter and the build quality is acceptable. As I mentioned earlier this is not a mouse for the hardcore or mid level gamer, there are no weight adjustment options and the mouse is very light so those of you who like having a heavy mouse may have trouble adjusting to this change. Below the mouse, right above the sticker of the optical laser is a sticker which even tells that this mouse is meant for home / office use only.




As I mentioned earlier the mouse borrows the design of the CoolerMaster sentinel. Although the box says “6 Buttons” there are really only 4 buttons on the mouse including the scroll. The mouse is made of lesser build quality then what is used in mice available in the same price range such as the Logitech MX-518 or the 510. This is just your average everyday office mouse thrown in with some light gaming when the boss is not on looking over your shoulder and you can sneak in a quick game of say DOTA or Counter-Strike 1.6 with some cubicle buddies via LAN but otherwise design wise this mouse doesn’t offer anything new.


The body is made up of fairly durable plastic and having copying the design of the CM Sentinel this also has a thumb rest right below the Pg up / pg Down buttons on the side. This is the only unique feature of this mouse. Other mice in the price range do not offer a thumb rest like this and sometimes make your hands very uncomfortable after extensive usage but the thumb rest is really useful for when you have to use the mouse extensively such as making a power point presentation or working with photoshop.

The Red/Black color really gives this thing a much better look over single colored mice, office mice mostly come in 800DPI with white color but this mouse really stands out with the higher DPI and better color scheme.


The performance of the mouse is where this mouse shows promise. While I have gotten used to using my CM Sentinel for gaming at 3,600 DPI I had to settle halfway at 3,500 DPI and play some games. Overall the experience was pleasant but the only complaint I have is that the mouse was too light and at times I had to downshift my DPI to 3,000 to compensate for this during my intensive Black Ops / Team Fortress 2 games and while some people prefer to use low DPI like 2,000 or 1,800 DPI for sniper rifle usage in FPS shooters the mouse wouldn’t accommodate me for that and as a result I ended up playing horribly as the sniper in all my FPS games.


The Tephlon pads below the mouse really help the mouse over any surface whether you are using a gaming mat or a standard office mat this mouse wasn’t very resistive like the other (office) mice get after usage for a while and I didn’t have to drag the mouse which again is a distinct problem with a standard office mouse.

For office usage this mouse is perfect when used with Powerpoint, Excel, Word and even Photoshop the mouse proved to be a great use. The high DPI saved me the trouble of slow scrolling on a high resolution this mouse is ideal for office use if you work on a widescreen resolution such as 1440x900 and above on stock (3,000 DPI) the mouse really made my internet surfing and work much easier when I compared it to a 2$ A4tech mouse I had lying in my drawer (with 800 DPI)


The mouse maybe a copy of the CM Sentinel design wise and may have a good built quality but this mouse is simply not for the gamer (not high end or mid end gaming at least) this is a good entry level mouse for those who simply want to save some cash on a mouse and want looks.

While the mouse is perfect for office usage and light gaming (Such as LAN Counter-Strike games, DOTA or even a quick game of Angry Birds on the PC) the mouse is simply not built or meant to look like a serious gamers mouse in anyway possible.

Stick to what the sticker on the bottom says and use this mouse for Home / Office / Light (Casual) gaming to enjoy it at its fullest.


  • Good Build Quality
  • Best for home/office use
  • Cheap Price
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Availability
  • No weight management
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