Reuters: Next iPhone is coming this September, be ready


Last year when Apple launched the Apple iPhone 4, it was one of the most selling devices and it’s also the most selling iPhone ever. But there is a phone which can break this record, and it’s none other than the upcoming successor of iPhone 4, which might be known as iPhone 5. Rumors were on the street that Apple will launch the next iPhone in June-July time period, but it looks like the rumors are just wrong. Reuters are saying that Apple will launch the next iPhone in September. They also said that the phone will be just like iPhone 4 in design, but there will be some major changes under the hood. The new iPhone will feature a better camera and processor; improve antenna design, bigger screen and obviously a new software i.e. new version of iOS. Apple suppliers will start the production in July and Apple will start shipping it in September.

Well everyone, it’s just a rumor but Reuters sources are very strong and they are right most of the time. But one thing is 100% confirmed that the new iPhone will be out this year because with all this competition, Apple can’t survive without launching an iPhone every year. So Apple fanboys and girls out there, are you waiting for the next iPhone?

Source: Reuters

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