Retro-Bit to Produce Accessories for SEGA Platforms for Use on Old Consoles and PC


Publisher and manufacturer of classic gaming products Retro-Bit, has announced a licensing agreement with SEGA to manufacture accessories for SEGA’s old consoles, including, but not limited to, the SEGA Genesis, SEGA Saturn and the SEGA Dreamcast.

The new accessories will receive the same console port as their original counterparts, but will also be upgraded with an USB port for PC compatibility and Bluetooth for wireless communication.

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Retro-Bit aims to debut the new products next month during CES 2018.

“With retro gaming on an upswing, we are pleased to offer officially SEGA licensed accessories in their original format as well as apply the innovative classic gaming enhancements that have become the hallmark of Retro-Bit,” said Titi Ngoy, President and CEO at Innex Inc. the exclusive distributor of Retro-Bit.  “We’re excited to unveil the first of these new products and concepts at CES, and do so alongside an exciting 2018 product catalog.”