Resident Evil 3 Remake Won’t Include Multiple Endings or Unlockable Mercenaries Mode


The new Resident Evil 3 looks to be a generous package by any definition, as it includes both a full remake of the original game along with the new multiplayer experience Resident Evil: Resistance, which appears to be almost a full game in its own right. That said, it does seem a few features from the 1999 game won’t be making the cut.

The original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis occasionally forced players to make quick decisions, which would lead you down different paths, eventually culminating in several unique endings. Well, it seems like the new RE3 is dropping that in favor of a set story. In the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK Capcom producer Peter Fabiano was asked whether Resident Evil 3 will have multiple endings, and he gave a straightforward “no.” So, there you go! Fabiano didn’t expressly mention whether the branching paths will be present, but presumably they won’t be if there’s only one ending.

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Meanwhile, it seems like Mercenaries mode is also being chopped. The Resident Evil 3 Mercenaries mode wasn’t nearly as deep as the ones in later RE games – it was more of a fun unlockable minigame. Mercenaries is being cut in favor of Resident Evil: Resistance, which makes sense, but the Resident Evil 2 remake included stuff like The 4th Survivor, so RE3 losing its quirky unlockable mode is somewhat disappointing. Hopefully we’re having too much fun with Resistance to care.

If you want to know more about Resident Evil 3, including the game’s new photogrammetry tech and the work that’s gone into the new version of Nemesis, I suggest you pick up the latest issues of OPM. You can subscribe to the magazine, right here.

Resident Evil 3 shambles onto PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on April 3. What do you think? Will you miss multiple endings and Mercenaries, or does the remake not need them?