iPhone SE 2 Will Possibly Launch In May/June; Apple Will Order 80 Million Units For 2018 6″ LCD iPhone, Claims Latest Cowen Investor Report

iPhone SE 2 Tipped to Get Launched in H1, 2018

Now that March is about to end, looks like it's time for damage control. Early in the year we heard a lot of sources and analysts claim that Apple is cutting down production for the iPhone X. Despite equipping the smartphone with OLED displays and facial recognition, consumers looked unwilling to shelf out $1000 for the smartphone; except for the most diehard of Apple loyalists. Now that the storm has settled, we've got another analyst, with another report today. Take a look below for the details.

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Early on in the year, we saw a lot of disappointing news for the iPhone X. Apple's huge $1000 gamble did not pay off. So poor was demand for the device that Samsung had to cut down OLED production for the first time in its history. Now, today's report claims that production for the smartphone has stabilized. Karl Ackerman, at Cowen and Company believes that Apple has met his estimates of 52.5 million iPhone X units for Q1. Ackerman made the estimate at February end, and now, Apple has managed to produce 53 million devices.

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However, if you're looking at this as reason to cheer, be vary. Q2 production for the iPhone X is still expected to go down. According to today's report, Apple's quarterly production will go down to 17 million units, down from an earlier forecast of 21 million. Production statistics are not the only detail highlighted by today's report however.

According to Ackerman, there's good news for folks hoping for an iPhone SE 2. However, the device won't launch later this month. While the device is under development at Apple, the company remains non-committal for it. And we don't blame Apple. When your star, tenth anniversary smartphone fails to meet expectations, you need to do a lot of soul searching. It's expected that the iPhone SE 2 will launch somewhere in May/June, and it will not borrow from the iPhone X's design.

Finally, there's further corroboration for the 2018 iPhone lineup. Apple is still on track to launch three devices, with 6", 6.5" and a 5.8" smartphone. Out of these, the six inch device will see Apple order around 75-85 million devices. The company will order another 100-120 million devices for the 6.5 and 5.8 inch smartphones. From these, it's clear that Apple expects demand for LCD displays to stay consistent this year. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: AppleInsider

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