How to Remove the Spotlight Search Bar from iOS 10

Uzair Ghani
Spotlight Search

If you are bothered by that Spotlight search bar on your iPhone running iOS 10, then here's how you can remove it once and for all.

NoSpot10 Jailbreak Tweak Gets Rid of Spotlight Search from iOS 10

Spotlight search is a useful element in iOS that has been there for a long period of time. Wherever you are, whether you are playing a game or listening to music, bringing up Spotlight search is as easy as pulling down on the Notification Center. But for some users, it's the most useless thing on the planet as it just gets in the way of everything, even when you are on the home screen.

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Thanks to a little jailbreak tweak called NoSpot10, you can get rid of Spotlight search completely from iOS 10. This means whenever you pull down on the home screen, or bring into view Notification Center, you will not be greeted with the sore sight of Spotlight anymore. Also, that pull down gesture for bringing up Spotlight from the home screen can be disabled using this tweak as well.

Compatible with iOS 10.

NoSpot10 gives you the options to Hide the Entire Field of Search Bar and Disable the Gestures of the Spotlight on iOS 10.

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Configure options from Settings.

Everything can be configured directly from the Settings app, and the software does come with a handy toggle to turn the tweak on or off. Also, you have an option to either disable just the Spotlight search bar from everywhere or just the pull-down gesture from the home screen to activate it.

As the name of the tweak implies, it works on iOS 10 like a boss. And it can be downloaded right away from the BigBoss repo for a magnificent price of just zero dollars. If you are not a fan of Spotlight on your iPhone at all, and happen to be jailbroken on iOS 10, then this is the jailbreak tweak to have under your belt.

Let us know in the comments section below if you take the tweak for a spin. I am certain many users out there will appreciate the functionality it brings to the table.

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