Reddit Bans Subforum and User Accounts after Sony Warns Media Outlets to Stop Sharing Leaked Data

As Sony faces threats from hackers who have been targeting the company for past few weeks, the company has managed to compel Reddit to stop file-sharing of stolen data including unreleased movies, insider financial information, and executives' private emails among other data.reddit bans sony sub forum

Reddit bans Sony file-sharing:

Sony has apparently managed to persuade Reddit to block the sub-forum sharing critical files including confidential communications and unreleased movies from Sony hack. While Sony keeps experiencing consequences of this attack, the ban on Reddit sub-forum might help the Studio a little. Sony issued a takedown notice citing the American Digital Millennium Copyright Act following which Reddit has blocked the subreddit which has become both the discussion forum and a go-to place for leaked Sony content links and details.

According to Business Insider, discussions and news stories of the Sony hack are still allowed on the site, however, Reddit has deleted posts and blocked user accounts along with closing the SonyGOP subreddit. Sony has been taking this legal strategy to impede dissemination of the leaked data from media outlets to lessen any further damage. Sony Pictures Entertainment sent out a warning letter to media companies stating that,

[Sony] does not consent to your possession, review, copying, dissemination, publication, uploading, downloading or making any use [stolen information]... If you don’t comply with this request, [Sony] will have no choice but to hold you responsible for any damage or loss arising from such use or dissemination by you.”

On November 22, US entertainment giant Sony Pictures suffered a devastating hack that has been damaging the company and the industry using confidential data, internal communications, and unreleased movies. An unknown group calling itself Guardian of Peace (GOP) has claimed the responsibility of this attack. In the recent of this blow that Sony has been facing, the company's film The Interview has been cancelled as hackers threatened to attack US cinemas screening the studio's film. The Interview is a comedy about the assassination of the North Korea's president.

While at first it seemed to be an attack orchestrated by some North Korean entity, the country has denied involvement in the attack. The attack has leaked some 250GB of information including the racist emails regarding President Obama, gender-based discrimination, and private communications about top Hollywood names like Angelina Jolie.

Source: Business Insider

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