Best Razer Phone Cases, Screen Protectors & Other Accessories You Can Buy Today


So you got yourself a Razer Phone and are hoping to take things up a notch in the protection and accessories department. Don't worry, we have you covered in many different ways.

Get the Best Razer Phone Cases, Cables, Screen Protectors & More.

The Razer Phone is finally out there in the wild and it's a matter of time potential buyers will ultimately reach the decision to get one for themselves. Once they do, everyone's going to be a on a lookout for the perfect accessory to go along with the mighty beast, and we have everything covered under one roof.

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if you haven't already, you can buy the Razer Phone from this link. It will set you back $699 for a fully unlocked model. You can also check out the hardware review by going here.

Razer Phone Cases.

There are several case choices for the device, and we are going to list down the best ones that are worth your time.

Official Razer Phone Case - Price $19.99 - $39.99.

The official Razer Phone case offers a fit and finish like no other and it's decently priced too. It even comes in several color options including a vibrant neon green.

Orzly Razer Phone Case - Price $15.29.

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It's a simple transparent, flexible case for the Razer Phone that offers excellent fit and finish for the price. Get this one if you want to protect your phone and not hide it from plain sight.

Suensan Razer Phone Case - Price $7.98.

While you may discount this case quickly when you learn that it's TPU. But it has raised bezels that will give your smartphone's display excellent protection if it's lying face down. Sounds cool, doesn't it?

Orzly Razer Phone Wallet Case - Price $9.49.

We love wallet cases for several reasons. First and foremost, they offer all-around protection. Secondly, they allow you to keep all your important stuff in one place. Last but not the least, they double up as a kick stand in a lot of cases. The Orzly wallet case for the Razer Phone does all of that.

Lux Razer Phone Horizontal Leather Case - Price $9.99.

Sometimes you wanna go old school with a protective case by simply hanging it on your belt. This case from Lux will take you back to the BlackBerry days.

Razer Phone Screen Protectors.

All the listed screen protectors are tempered glass for maximum protection.

Mr. Shield Screen Protector (3-Pack) - Price $7.95.

The most appealing thing about this particular screen protector is that it comes in a 3-pack. So even if you get it wrong in the first try, or happen to shatter one, you'll always have an extra one lying around. Also, it comes with a lifetime of replacement warranty.

Official Razer Phone Screen Protector - Price $24.99.

It's the officinal Razer Phone screen protector straight from Razer itself. Also, it's thin at just 0.3mm. But the price might put everyone off a little. It would've been great if this one came at least in a 2-pack for its price.

Supershieldz Razer Phone Screen Protector - Price $7.99.

Priced similar to the Mr. Shield screen protector, but it offers slightly more toughness against the elements. This one too comes with lifetime replacement warranty. And oh, it comes in a 2-pack.

Razer Phone USB Type-C Cables.

These are the best USB Type-C cables for the Razer Phone.

Anker PowerLine USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable (3-pack) - Price $14.99.

PowerLine cables from Anker are really durable. But the thing you'll love most about this cable is that it features USB-A on one end allowing you to charge from any adapter you might have lying around at home.

Anker PowerLine USB-C to USB-C Cable - Price $15.99.

This might look like an ordinary USB-C to USB-C cable but it supports the Gen-1 standard perfectly. This means that it's perfect USB Power Delivery cable you can have lying around at home too.

AUKEY USB-C to 3.0 Cable (5-pack) - Price $16.99.

Our second USB-C to 3.0 cable in the list, but this one's braided for ultimate toughness. It comes in a 5-pack. Yes, five.

AmazonBasics USB-C to C Cable - Price $7.99.

This cable offers nothing fancy and gets the job done at an extremely low price point.

Razer Phone Fast Chargers.

All of these chargers will rapidly charge your Razer Phone.

AUKEY USB-C Wall Charger with Power Delivery - Price $34.99.

Not only it can pump out 46W of power in total, but it even features a regular USB-A port for other devices too. This thing's powerful enough to charge a 12-inch MacBook at full speed.

Anker USB-C Wall Charger with Power Delivery - Price $29.99.

Unlike the AUKEY charger, this one features just one USB-C port that pushes out 30W of power in total. It's fully compatible with every Type-C device out there.

Anker PowerPort+ 5 with USB Power Delivery - Price $49.99.

A desktop charger with 4 USB-A ports and a single USB-C port with Power Delivery. This is a beast to have around if you want to charge multiple devices all at once.

Razer Phone Car Chargers.

All of these car chargers feature a USB-C port for fast charging the Razer Phone.

AUKEY USB-C Car Charger with Quick Charge 3.0 - Price $14.99.

A plain and simple car charger with Quick Charge 3.0, a USB-A port for other devices, as well as a compact design. What more do you need?

Tronsmart Car Charger with Built-in Type-C Cable - Price $14.99.

You don't have to worry about buying a separate Type-C cable for your car if you have this awesome charger from Tronsmart. Your Razer Phone will be as happy as you.

Anker PowerDrive+ 4 with USB-C - Price $29.99.

This might seem a little pricey, but it features a single USB-C port, two PowerIQ smart fast charging ports, and a single Quick Charge 3.0 port. That's four in total. Basically, everyone can power up their devices in your car, not just you.

RAVPower Type-C Car Charger - Price $9.99.

Though priced at just ten bucks, this car charger from RAVPower offers everything you need to juice up on the go. It even features a USB-A port for charging other devices.

Belkin Type-C Car Charger with 4-feet Type-C Cable - Price $39.99.

This is the most expensive car charger in our list, but it's one of the top of the line offerings out there that screams quality.