Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Announced; Details Inside


Rainbow Six Siege is less than a month away, but Ubisoft has just announced an open beta for the tactical shooter on PC, PS4 & Xbox One. The beta will run from November 25 through November 29.

Siege will release on all platforms on December 1, prior to its official release, Ubisoft allows players to play with the operators, check out a few of the maps and modes on offer, and help the developers run one last stress test.

Because of the Open Beta, all players will be able to pre-load the game on November 23, and those who participated in the Closed Beta in September will be able to jump into the Open Beta a day early (on November 24). During the Open Beta, you’ll have access to 14 operators (out of the 20 that will be available at launch), including 3 of the Russian Spetsnaz operators you may have seen during the Closed Beta – Glaz, Tachanka and Kapkan.

The Secure Area and Bomb PvP modes will be open during the beta, as well as the Disarm Bomb PvE Terrorist Hunt mode. Those of you who took part in the Closed Beta might already be familiar with two of the Open Beta’s available maps – Hereford and House – but this will be your first opportunity to check out the Kanal map seen in the Gamescom trailer. All three maps will be playable in both PvE and PvP, in either the day or night setting.

Earlier this month, Microsoft's Xbox Store revealed the game's install size to be 16.54GB on Xbox One. File size might vary on PC and PS4, but in general, sizes are comparable.

Last week. Ubisoft revealed the official system specs for the PC version of the tactical shooter. To check if you rig is able to play the game, I suggest you read this post.

Rainbow Six Siege was announced last year, being developed exclusively for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In May of this year, Ubisoft announced that the game would be delayed to October, but in August the publisher decided to push back the release to December 1St.