AMD Radeon R9 290X Core Overclocked to a Massive 1575 Mhz

This week, Russian enthusiasts Smoke and Atheros have managed to overclock AMD's Radeon R9 290X. The core frequency on the card was pushed to 1575 MHz. The R9 290X has a stock frequency of 1000 Mhz and is based on Hawaii. It is coupled with 2816 stream processors and also has 4 GB of GDDR5.

R9 290X Core And Boost Frequency Overclocked to 1500/1700 MHz Respectively. First Position in 3D Mark 11 with 23,260 Points

The R9 290X has stock core frequency specification of 1000 Mhz and a turbo frequency of 1500 MHz. Smoke and Atheros have managed to push this to 1500 and 1700 MHz with a power rating of 1.475/1.7 V. SLI/Crossfire on the card was off. This makes for the first position in the 3D Mark 11 benchmark with a score of 23,260 points. It also makes for a Global Rank of 6 for 1x GPUs. The number of UHP points gained using R9 290X is 18, which also gets a top global position. The processor used in the overclocking process is Intel's Core i7-4960x. The processor has been officially rated for a frequency of 4 Ghz (3600 MHz). It has 6 cores with LGA2011 and a TDP rating of 130 W. The 3600 core frequency on the processor was overclocked to 5893 MHz. Through liquid nitrogen, the temperature was kept at -110 degrees.

The operating system used by Smoke and Atheros was 64 bit Windows 7. The motherboard was ASUS's Rampage 4 Black Edition with standard stock cooling. Four modules of G Skill's DDR3 SDRAM were used. Total memory used was 8192 MB (2048x4), with core frequencies of 800 MHz. This was clocked to 1,222 MHz. Timings on the RAM were CL8 12-8-27 1T. The results achieved received a mixed response on the hwbot site. Some were impressed with a good response, while others expected more.


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