Qualcomm’s Cat. 10 LTE Modem Is Here With 450 Mbps Downloads For Your Gadgets

Ramish Zafar

Slowly, but surely we're seeing several different major components which make up a mobile device or a tablet being upgraded. Yesterday, Sony launched an all new Exmor RS IMX 230 camera sensor yesterday which features improved autofocus, higher resolutions and 4K video recording. Today its Qualcomm's turn and the manufacturer has announced the fifth generation Category 10 LTE modem which will be able to offer download speeds of up to 450 Mbps on your mobile gadgets.

Cat. 10 LTE Modem With Download Speeds Of Up To 450 Mbps Launched By Qualcomm.

Qualcomm claims that its latest offering to the modem market brings several improvements to the previous industry benchmark of Category 6. The Cat. 10 Qualcomm Gobi 9x45 modem touts download speeds of up to 450 Mbps through support of Global Carrier Aggregation (GCA). The modem also has support for up to 100 Mbps of upload speeds.

The 9x45 (Cat. 10) modem achieves these performance improvements through generational improvements and is optimized for 30% smaller board area, increased power efficiency and improved calibration and implementation tools for better Envelope Tracker design to assist OEMs and commercial deployment. The next generation Envelope Tracker also improves power consumption through heat-reduction and reduction of power amplifier power consumption.

““The expansion of our connectivity solutions to include fifth-generation LTE Cat. 10 technology, and the QFE3100, will offer consumers more efficient mobile devices that connect seamlessly to the fastest LTE Advanced networks while consuming lower power. Today’s announcement builds on our established technology leadership in the LTE connectivity space and demonstrates our continued commitment to offering users an outstanding and unparalleled mobile experience.” said said Cristiano Amon, executive vice president, Qualcomm.

Qualcomm sounds confident with its latest upgrade in mobile modems. The Cat 10 modem should be expected in devices next year so we'll be able to know for sure what it has to offer and whether the company delivers according to its word.

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