Qualcomm Integrates WPA3 Encryption Across The Snapdragon 845 And The Company’s Product Portfolio

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Last year the WiFi world was caught by storm when nearly half of Android devices were exposed as being affected by the KRACK (Key Reinstallations Attacks). It was reported that 41% of Android devices were vulnerable to the attack, which in essence tricked them to switch network preferences. At the heart of the problem was WPA2 security protocol, that proved inadequate to prevent such attacks. Now, Qualcomm will make sure that its hardware is up to date with modern standards. Take a look below for more details.

Qualcomm Embraces WPA3 Encryption Protocol With Open Arms; Will Implement It Across The WCN3998 And IPQ807x AP Platform Alongside Company's Network And Mobile Product Portfolio

WPA3 makes several improvements over its predecessor which remained unbroken for 11 years prior to 2017. The KRACK exploit which led to WPA2's demise creates a second WiFi network that resembles the one in which a target's device generally connects to. The only area where this second network differs in is that it utilizes a different channel.

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The second network then tricks the target device to connect to it and subsequently proceeds to monitor all traffic and even manipulate connections to improperly configured HTTPS websites. With the Snapdragon 845 and other products, Qualcomm will now embrace the WPA3 protocol which will limit attackers' ability to carry out such acts.

WPA3 changes how devices authenticate their access point connections and also features more safeguards against misconnections to public networks. For Qualcomm, the move comes at just the right time, as its 2018 processors and products are about to establish their market presence.

"At Qualcomm Technologies, we’re committed to working closely with industry bodies like the Wi-Fi Alliance to develop security standards to best protect data traffic across networks and devices, especially as security threats and attacks continue to become increasingly sophisticated. By adopting the latest in encryption technology to protect Wi-Fi connected products from security attacks, Qualcomm Technologies helps customers build products that not only deliver the industry’s latest technologies to the market but adopt the most advanced security standard available.” according to Senior VP Connectivity and Technology Rahul Patel.

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