Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon Insiders, a Community Tailor Made for Enthusiasts


Qualcomm is one of the leading companies when you are talking about chipsets that go into our smartphones, and they have been consistent across the board. If you are a Qualcomm and Snapdragon fan, you are in luck because the company has announced a new community called Snapdragon Insiders, a made for fans.

Snapdragon Insiders work a lot like Samsung Members; users will be able to learn more about their favorite tech from experts, share pro tips for helping other users out, as well as have loyalty rewards like Snapdragon-branded merchandise

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Snapdragon Insiders by Qualcomm is a Program That Will Help Fans Interact, Share Tips, and Earn Rewards

Qualcomm has talked about a three-pronged plan that will be used to reward all Snapdragon Insiders. These rewards consist of monthly "drops," which will provide members with additional access, perks, experience, and information. Through these Acess Drops, Qualcomm plans to set up small-group interactions with content creators and Qualcomm experts to show off the latest tech that the company is working and provide answers to what the community wants to know about.

In addition to that, Qualcomm will also be doing Passion Drops which will focus on purpose-built activations focusing on key passion aspects such as gaming, photography, sports, fitness, and more. These interactions will serve as masterclasses in which content creators will tackle different passion areas and aid users in making the most of their devices.

Last but not least, Snapdragon Insiders will be the first to learn about the latest news and announcements about Snapdragon-enabled devices through Tech Drops. These drops will also include giveaways, but Qualcomm has not given us a lot of information about that at the moment. They claim that members will get the opportunity to help shape the future of Snapdragon, which is a bold claim to make.

Joining Snapdragon Insiders is easy; you can do so by following this link. Once you are done, you can follow Qualcomm on several social media channels, including Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram, so that you can stay up to date on all the upcoming community interactions. Qualcomm plans on setting up a proper community forum for Snapdragon Insiders in the coming months. It is worth noting that the program is already live in several countries so that you can get started right away.