Get 70 Resume-Enhancing Hours of Content with “Python Power Coder BONUS Bundle”


The world is more data-driven than ever, and Python offers solutions for handling, analyzing, and visualizing large amounts of data effectively. Being an excellent programming language because of its simple syntax, coding principles, and easy readability, first-time coders find Python to be a great jumping off point. Head over to Wccftech Deals and get "The Python Power Coder BONUS Bundle" for just $44.

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The Python Power Coder BONUS Bundle offers 3 new in-depth courses to offer you over 70 hours of intensive content helping you develop real life applications. Here are some of the details of this BONUS bundle:

1- The Developers' Guide to Python 3 Programming

Want to Code? Python 3 is the Perfect Place to Start

  • Access 22 lectures and 4 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn basic Python concepts like functions, conditions, loops and objects
  • Discover object-oriented programming principles
  • Understand classes, package and modules, exceptions and more
  • Code your very own program with Python

2- Step by Step: Build a Data Analysis Program

Learn How to Process, Analyze, & Visualize Data Using Python

  • Access 70 lectures and 5.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Use real world examples of Python data analysis and visualization
  • Download, extract, clean, manipulate, analyze, aggregate, and visualize data using only Python
  • Write your own Python scripts from scratch
  • Learn various Python libraries, like ftplib, os, glob, pandas, numpy, patoolib, and more

3- The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications

Explore the Power of Python By Actually Building Apps With Python

  • Access 172 lectures and 21.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Build a name generator, a website URL timed blocker, a web map generator, a portfolio website with Flask, a GUI-based desktop application, a webcam motion detector, a web scraper of property, an interactive web-based financial chart, a data collector web application, a geocoding web service
  • Under & use object-oriented design
  • Use Python to build applications with Flask, Tkinter, Numpy, Folium and more
  • Explore scraping data, computer vision, sending automated emails and more using Python
  • Schedule Python programs based on computer events

More courses include:

  • 4- The Complete Computer Vision Course with Python: Contribute to the Next Generation of Consumer & Enterprise Applications
  • 5- Learn Python 3 from Scratch: Build System Securities & Connect Your Hardware Using Python.
  • 6- Python Tutorial: Python Network Programming - Build 7 Apps: Learn to Write Powerful Code by Building Apps from Scratch
  • 7- Python Web Programming: Start Programming the Right Way by Diving Into Python
  • 8- Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python: Learn the Techniques Used by Major Companies to Manage Mass Data Sets

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