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Python Network Programming Bundle

Becoming a part of the world of tech is extremely hard no doubt but if you are passionate about making your way in this world then there are hundreds of solutions for you. One way to make your place is by getting familiar with Python. This program will help you in various tech fields and will help you build network systems efficiently. Wccftech brings you an amazing deal on the Python Network Programming Bundle. This bundle has 3 comprehensive courses that will help you build, automate and secure network systems.

Python Network Programming Bundle features

Here are some of the highlights of each course in the Python Network Programming Bundle.

Python Network Programming: Build 7 Python Apps

  •  Learn and practice every Python key concept with 13.5 hours and 157 lectures
  • Follow each lesson with a short quiz that helps consolidate the main ideas
  •  Dive right into real-life network scenarios and apply your knowledge to build 7 great network tools
  •  Utilize the provided virtual machine with all Python modules installed and full source code included
  •  Build a variety of apps:
    - Subnet calculator
    -Configuring multiple network devices concurrently via SSH or Telnet
    -DHCP client simulator for testing a DHCP server in the local network
    and more!

Python Network Programming: Multivendor Environment

  •  Access 189 lectures and 10 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn to use amazing Python libraries and tools to manage network devices easily and without too much code
  •  Connect remotely to network devices and read/extract/display/store command output using interactive Python scripts
  •  Configure one or more network devices remotely using interactive Python scripts
  •  Execute configuration commands on multiple network devices from multiple vendors simultaneously
  •  Work with a device inventory in XML/JSON/CSV format and network metadata
  •  Manage network device credentials in a centralized, encrypted file
  •  Get device interface information fast, right from the Linux shell and save information to local storage

Python Network Programming: Scapy & Security Tools

  •  Access 116 lectures and 4.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn to use the Scapy module and all its capabilities
  •  Build network attacking and scanning tools and test them against Windows, Linux and Cisco targets
  •  Build your own basic version of NMAP and scan Windows or Linux hosts
  •  Perform various small network tests and operations using the Scapy interpreter
  •  Receive more than 20 scripts right away, free

Original Python Network Programming Bundle Price: $697
Wccftech Python Network Programming Bundle Discount Price: $24

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