Puget Systems releases Hardware Reliability Report, Samsung SSDs show low failure rates

Jason R. Wilson

Puget Systems gathered several data during 2021 to find the most reliable hardware for consumers to be able to utilize in their local data servers and workstations. Their collective data put in mind consumer complaints, recognized hardware issues pertaining to defects, as well as user error, to come up with an interesting list with the data is pulled from their sales during last year.

Puget Systems Hardware Reliability Report informs the best CPUs, GPUs, and SSDs that should be in your workplace

Please keep in mind that the following data does have a major caveat that cannot be overlooked. The top three manufacturers—Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA—as well as other leading manufacturers, refuse to divulge their failure rates publicly. As a company, it is a smart move to not divulge such information to taint their company's reputation. However, that is an issue for consumers. For this reasoning, the following data will be Puget Systems' viewpoint and not a general consensus on the products or companies in the public eye. This is all from their information collected by the company and not another outside source.

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"We are filtering out of this data any failures that we believe were caused accidentally by our employees or customers, as well as those related to damage in shipping. The goal here is to isolate problems from the hardware itself, rather than human error."

— Puget Systems statement about their analysis process

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