Psychonauts 2 Isn’t Getting a Native PS5 Version, XSX Will Offer 4K and 120fps Modes

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Double Fine has been part of Xbox Game Studios for a while now, but their next game, Psychonauts 2, will still be available on PlayStation consoles as the game was announced before the Microsoft acquisition. That said, while PlayStation owners will be able to play Psychonauts 2 in some form, it seems they’re getting the short end of the stick.

According to Australian gaming site WellPlayed, Psychonauts 2 is not getting a native PS5 version – it will only be playable via backward compatibility. The PS4 Pro version of the game is also a bit disappointing, as it only runs at 1440p and 30fps (the Xbox One X version pushes a full 4K at 30fps). So yes, while the PS5 version does get a boost to 60fps via backward compatibility, it will only be 1440p. Oh, and it won’t have HDR either. You can get a full rundown of how Psychonauts 2 will perform across all platforms below, but first, check out the game’s latest story trailer!

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Psychonauts 2 will arrive on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 via backward compatibility on August 25. What do you think PlayStation owners? Still buying the game or are you put off by the second-class treatment?

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