Psychonauts 2 Announced; Double Fine Seeks Crowdfunding On Fig

Alessio Palumbo

Yes, you read that right. During The Game Awards 2015, Double Fine announced that they are seeking funding for Psychonauts 2, the sequel to the cult platform/adventure game first released in 2005.

Psychonauts was the debut title of Double Fine Productions after Tim Schafer's departure from Electronic Arts, and clearly it holds a special place in the studio's hearts. Despite strong critical praise, it turned out to be a commercial failure; however, fans have been asking for Psychonauts 2 and they finally got their wish.

The crowdfunding campaign has been set up on Fig, the new platform which also allows investments. While the minimum goal is a lofty $3.3M, funding is already at $620K just a few hours after the announcement, which bodes well for the final result; the campaign will end on January 8 and you can also pledge via PayPal.

Here's a description of Psychonauts 2 from the campaign itself:

In Psychonauts 2, Raz realizes his dream and visits Psychonauts Headquarters. However, when he gets there, he finds it's not the perfect place he expected and quickly realizes that the Psychonauts need him more than he needs them. Psychonauts 2 will feature a new hub world inside Psychonauts HQ. You’ll access new mental worlds as Raz peeks inside the minds of a host of new characters who need his help to combat their inner demons and unravel their deep-seated emotional issues. Raz will hone his secret agent PSI-abilities—and learn new ones too—using them to solve mysteries and uncover evil plots.

The game will be developed for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a tentative release date of Fall 2018. Check out the pitch video and first short trailer below.

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