New PS4 Firmware 2.5 Screenshots Leak

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Earlier this week Sony officially confirmed the firmware update for the PS4 is coming. Labeled as firmware 2.5, the update features many new additions such as the Suspend, Resume, Remote play and Share play at 60 fps and much more. This is a very big upcoming date for the PS4 but unfortunately no release date for the update has been set, hence we can only predict the release date at the moment.

The new update by Sony is named 'Yukimura' if you're into that sort of naming, otherwise you can just go with firmware update 2.5. Particularly the popular feature of the update was the Suspend/Resume feature. About which a reader inquired whether the feature will work across all games of the PS4, Scott McCarthy had an interesting response. He said:

"There’s some basic functionality that requires developer support and, there are cases where general game architecture prevents jumping back to exactly where you left off. Currently support is widespread. General architecture issues are very rare."

New PS4 Firmware 2.5 Screenshots Leaked

According to TSA, an anonymous user reported screenshots of the new firmware update 2.5. The new upcoming update had lots of additions to its name and the screenshots show some of the in action. The screenshots particularly focus on the accessibility options of the update. Another big apparent ability in the new update is the ability to paste options on the screen when your press and hold the home button. Also, the share menu looks much cleaner now where we see how deleting trophies looks like and how we can Suspend and Resume a game and what how it looks like when you Suspend or Resume a game. Another improvement is that the PlayStation Store icon has been moved to the dynamic menu for easier access and without further ado, well have a look at the screenshots now.

Keep in mind that this is a leak and hence a rumor as we're not sure if this is what the update will actually look like. The screenshots are as follows:


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The PS4 firmware update 2.5 is looking very promising and many new updates are planned for it. You can have a look at all the new addition planned for the firmware update 2.5 below:

  • Sub-account to Master account Upgrade
  • Facebook Friend Search
  • Remote Play & Share Play at 60 fps
  • Accessibility Options
  • Trophy Improvements
  • Share Video Clips to Dailymotion

We will keep you updated with any new advancements on the PS4 firmware 2.5. Until then, do share your views in the comments below.

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