Japanese Retailer Discounts PS4 Models Said to be Discontinued

Brittany Vincent
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It looks like some PS4 models could soon be going the way of the dinosaur, if the actions taken by a certain Japanese retailer are to be believed. Sony appears to be beginning to take some models out of production, as indicated by VGC's tipster Cheesemeister.

In a tweet, @Cheesemeister3k posted notices seen at the Japanese store, where they were plastered on top of images of PlayStation 4 systems, controllers, and accessories. This includes the 500GB Glacier White, 1TB Jet Black, 1TB Glacier White, 2TB Jet Black, and PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Glacier White systems.

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"Dear customers: due to the manufacturer ending production, the following products will not be restocked," reads the note on the products. Sony has not announced any sort of change in its manufacturing schedule, but it would make sense given how hard the company is working to try to get PlayStation 5 consoles out to eager buyers.

Sony has been trying since launch in November to get PS5 systems in the hands of those looking to purchase one. If PS4s are going to be going, it looks like the PS4 could be the first, as VG247 points out the Sony Direct store has been out of stock for at least a month, with a page that the system would no longer be restocked previously.

Interestingly enough, the PS5 is not doing as well as one might have assumed. In fact, in Sony's home country, the system represented its worst launch to date. It only sold 240,000 units in Japan its first six weeks, in fact. There's a lot to consider here, especially with PS4 discontinuation. It's odd to think that the system is ceasing production especially when the PS5 isn't doing so well in the country. We'll have to wait and see what happens and whether Sony has an official word on the matter in the coming days.

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