The PS4 Controller will Support PC Play Out of the Box – Xbox One’s Will Not


Something quite important for me is PC compatibility of controllers and was one of the best things about the 360. Good PC Controllers cost quite a lot and if your console controller works with your PC thats a very welcome bonus. Sony is apparently all set to please PC Gamers - their PS4 Controller will work with PC out of the box.

PS4 Controller vs Xbox One Controller

PS4 Controller to Offer Basic PC Compatibility Out of the Box, Xbox One Controller wont offer PC Play till 2014

So here we are again in another PS4 vs Xbox One flamebait comparison article but this time its quite straight forward. Not to be biased or anything but this one is for the PS4 team. The Market Niche (myself included) which are PC Gamers And Console Gamers would love a controller that works with PC too. Shuhei Yoshida President of Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment tweeted that the PS4 Controller will offer "basic functions" such as Analog Sticks and General Inputs out of the box while more advanced features such as Analog Triggers, Motion Detector and the Light Strip will be added later.

Compare this to the Xbox One Controller, which will begin its pc compatibility sometime later in 2014. So basically at launch the PS4 Controller will support PC while the Xbox One counterpart will not. And sometime later, the Xbox One controller will support PC compatibility but by that time the PS4 Controller will have moved on to much Advance Functions <-- A very market aware tactic if i may say so, putting the Play Station one step ahead of the curve at both times. Lets see if Microsoft responds to this new development, though i seriously doubt it.