PS3 3.42 counters jailbreak but causes problems along the way!

Sep 8, 2010

Yesterday saw the release of the PS3 3.42 Firmware which was supposed to counter the PSJailbreak USB's making them useless against the PS3's, yesterday I would have considered this news irrelevant if it didn't give me problems on my PS3 slim. Yesterday I updated to 3.42 cause I had to sync my Dead Space trophies to my PSN, so I update my PS3, sync trophies and turn off PS3 slim for a whole day then today I decide to play a quick round of Modern Warfare 2 before lunch. So I turn on my PS3 load up Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer and play a lobby of Ground War when the round is over and we return to the pre game lobby my PS3 freezes up for a second and then the FPS drops so low that the clouds in the back are moving in super super slow motion.

I forget about the slowing down and quit the game but what I see next is pure horror, my XMB is a COMPLETE MESS the colors looked like somebody took a paint brush and scattered them through out my PS3 so I panic, eject the disc, hold down the PS button on my controller and turn off console and then turn on console again, this time everything is normal. So I am laying off the PS3 until this stupid update is fixed. I did some googling and so I am not the only one having BIG PROBLEMS I am using the CECH 2100 SKU PS3 which is superior in cooling, now I know your thinking "The update was a pure software update it has nothing to do with hardware" well can you explain why so many people are having this problem? Some people are even reporting bricked consoles, RSOD consoles and many other problems, With 3.41 I played Modern Warfare 2 for at least 2 hours everyday and now with 3.42 my console hardly lasts an hour WITH AN AC? My PS3 is only 3 months old and I DOUBT it can be a hardware issue and I am solely blaming 3.42 for this problem.

I hope Sony looks into the matter and resolves it ASAP.