PS VR2 Was at GDC 2022 and Developers Reportedly Loved It

Mar 26, 2022 11:00 EDT

At GDC 2022, Sony showcased the upcoming PlayStation VR 2 (PS VR2) virtual reality headset to game developers. The news was first shared by Chet Faliszek, who tweeted:

Had one of those VR moments today playing in the new PS VR2 hmd… You know where the world just feels different when you return? Sooooo good… thanks @yosp and @GregRicey for the demo and chat.

Faliszek is a veteran game writer designer (whom we interviewed just a few months ago about his latest project, The Anacrusis) known for his work on games like Half-Life 2: Episode One and Two, Portal and its sequel, Left 4 Dead and its sequel. During his career at Valve, though, he also worked as a VR ambassador with outside developers and marketing for the launch of the original HTC Vive and the SteamVR platform. After leaving Valve, he joined the advisory board of Vertigo Games, the Dutch VR developer behind hit virtual reality games like Arizona Sunshine and After The Fall.

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Faliszek's tweet was promptly reported on the ResetEra board, where another game developer raved on the PS VR2. ResetEra user m0dus, a verified employee of Truant Pixel, commented the statement as 'not hyperbolic'. Truant Pixel is working on RUNNER, a retro-futuristic anime-inspired VR arcade driving action game that will be released on PC (Steam) and PS VR2.

These are the very first third-party impressions of the next-generation PlayStation VR headset, which Sony is unveiling at a slow but steady pace. To begin with, the company focused on the new controllers; then Sony revealed the first exclusive PS VR2 game, Horizon Call of the Mountain, co-developed by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite; at last, in late February we got to see the final design of the upcoming VR headset.

It is still unclear whether the PS VR2 will launch late this year or not. Earlier rumors suggested it might, but plans could have shifted since.


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