Project Spark Xbox One Gameplay Trailer


Project Spark is a new IP coming exclusively to the Xbox One and it looks ravishing.
The IP will allow you to make your own video games, which is the premise of many other current games such as Little Big Planet 2, Trials and its sequel as well as Halo's forge modes.




Project Spark, a game where you can make games for the people.

A game where you can make your own games, share them with the world to watch and play truly helps push the boundaries on the Xbox One, the level of creativity, imagination and innovation is only limited by the creator of the game, Project Spark looks like a great place for many thinkers to make their game, share it with the world and get some exposure to the world of video game development (a part of it at least) and even take part in the process of making games for the people and even specific people.

A truly interesting concept that that should help turn a few heads.