Prisma Will Lets Users Create Their Own Custom Filters


If you're a fan of Prisma, then you will be pleased to learn that everyone will be able to create their own custom filters very soon.

The Creators of Prisma Want You to Create Your Own Custom Filters

Prisma took the mobile world by storm when it first arrived on iPhone quite some time back, eventually rolling out to Android as well. Instead of using the run-of-the-mill techniques to apply filters, the app utilizes machine learning to spice things up. And with the passage of time, the filter application process got better and better, till the point the developers baked AI right into the app itself to speed things drastically. Now though, the developers believe that the time is right to take the next logical step: let the users create their own filters. But with every great thing we tend to see, there's a small catch.

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See, while the feature is available as a Web application to "some users," and those users are the ones that make do with the service on a very, very regular basis. So, if you don't turn your rudder towards Prisma that much, then you might have to wait a while to try out this new addition to the service. Furthermore, given that the feature is totally brand new, Prisma takes quite a while to analyze photos at the time of writing using the newly released application. In case you are wondering, the analyzing process is necessary if you are going to create your own filters, since it picks up the characteristics from the image you have uploaded to base the filter on. In some cases, it takes up to an hour to analyze an image, which is steep, we know. But hey, at the end of the day you are left with something that's totally unique, and hopefully, inspiring for others.

Prisma says that the feature will roll out to more users in the time to come. But in the meantime, users can check out a new 'Store' section which the developers have launched for the mobile app, allowing you to download new filters, if you so wish. And yes, those filters are free to download.

If you haven't given Prisma a try just yet, then you can do so using the links below: