Price Cuts by Intel on Various Desktop Processors.

Intel has announced a wide range of price cuts and changes in some of its processor models which come from different segments and platforms. The first change witnessed is in the Intel's newest SKU, the Core i7 970(Non-XE) six-core Processor which is clocked at 3.20Ghz and has a turbo speed of upto 3.43Ghz and is based on the 32Nm Gulftown die. The Processor was reported to be priced around 500~600$ but recent reports reveal that the price will be $885 which is $115 lesser than the the Core i7 980X Extreme Edition priced at a whooping 999$ tag.

A major change is also witnessed in the LGA-1156 Series Processors in which the i7 870 has almost got a half percent (47.6%) Price cut which have reduced its price from 562$ to 294$. This massive drop comes as the i7 875K which is a multiplier-unlocked SKU is priced a little lower than $350while having the same clocks as i7 870. Also there have been no cuts in the price of the i7 860 however a energy-efficient variant of the i7 870, the 870s has been released which is priced at 351$.

There's also Core i5 760 on the list which has the same clock speeds as a i7 860 (2.80Ghz) but doesn't features Hyper-Threading and its northbridge is clocked at 2.13 GHz, like the i5 750, unlike 2.40 GHz on the i7 800 series. It is priced at 205$ which is 5$ lesser than the i5 750. The i3 540 (Dual-Core) Processor also got a reduction in price making it 117$. Other than these, Processors from LGA 775 family which include E6600 and E5500 got some price cuts too.

And at the end the socket LGA1156 Xeon X3470, which has the same specs of an i7 870 had it price reduced by a large 44.3% to 328$.


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