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PowerColor Radeon RX 480 Devil Leaks Out – 1400 MHz OC Potential, Single 8-Pin Power and Triple Fan Cooling For Polaris 10


Powercolor's fastest Polaris based graphics card, the Radeon RX 480 Devil has been leaked out by Videocardz. The Devil series are known for featuring insanely good board designs that allow better overclocking on GPUs. The latest Devil card would be no exception, featuring a higher factory overclock than reference variants and impressive cooling performance.

PowerColor's Radeon RX 480 Devil is an impressive card with great overclocking potential. (Image Credits: Videocardz)

PowerColor Radeon RX 480 Devil Leaked - 1.4 GHz Overclocking Capabilities With Triple Fan Cooling

PowerColor's Radeon RX 480 Devil is based on the same chip that was launched a few days ago. The Radeon RX 480 is based on the full Polaris 10 GPU which features 2304 unified shaders based on the GCN 4.0 architecture. The Radeon RX 480 comes with 144 Texture Mapping Units and 32 ROPs. We do not know about the frequency this card will be clocked at but it's stated that this card would be able to overclock beyond 1.4 GHz which is nice for Polaris 10.

The PowerColor Radeon RX 480 Devil will likely be available in 8 GB variant. The GDDR5 memory on the card will be clocked at 8 GB/s (2.0 GHz clock), effectively delivering a cumulative bandwidth of 256 GB/s along a 256-bit interface. Display outputs for the RX 480 include three DP 1.3, 1.4-HDR, a single HDMI 2.0b port and a single DVI port. This will allow the graphics card to drive resolutions from as low as 1080P (240Hz HDR) to 4K 120Hz SDR / 96Hz HDR or even 5K @60Hz (SDR). The Devil Radeon RX 480 comes with a 8-Pin connector which will deliver more power to the graphics chip and board for stable clock speeds and overclocking capabilities.

The board pictured is still in testing phase since the I/O bracket is not installed. The board is really longer than the reference variant and we can see a dual slot cooler that spans the entire length of the PCB. We are looking at a massive triple fan cooling solution which features black and red color scheme. As for performance, we can expect the Devil to be faster than the reference cards with its factory overclocked specifications.

PowerColor Radeon R9 370X Devil:

In terms of pricing, the Devil would retail at a price between $250-$300 US which is quite nice considering you get a great performing card with better overclocking and cooling potential than the reference variants. Expect to see the card launching in a few weeks time along with various other custom Radeon RX 480 variants.