Population Zero To Receive Major Patch Tomorrow: Quality of Live Improvements, Friends List Changes

Population Zero, the survival-slash-MMO hybrid from Enplex Games, still continues to receive constant updates from the development staff on an ongoing basis ranging from one to two weeks. The last major patch for Population Zero, released May 28th, added in the option to play with friends as well as a number of additional gameplay enhancements. Out tomorrow, the next patch aims to improve the friends list feature as well as a number of enhancements set to streamline the gameplay experience for new and returning players.

With all of the constant changes to development that remains ongoing in Population Zero, accessing the patch changes will only be accessible through newly created game worlds. While this means that progression will begin from the beginning, the changes in building restrictions should help to streamline the process once more.

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  1. The Building restrictions for the most locations on the global map have been removed, except for key locations like The Main Hub, Alpha Kvar’s lair, etc (all locations that contain unique resources or quest items)
  2. In PvE modes, the player can no longer see loot near other players’ corpses
  3. Armor and Suit Repair Kits have been added to the game
  4. The cost of repair kits for weapons and tools has been reduced
  1. The Friends feature has been improved:
    • The player can now bring the friend list by hitting Esc in the game
    • The player can now see friends’ markers on the map
    • Friends’ nicknames are highlighted with another color
  1. Collision detection of Acidic Roots has been improved
  2. There are now more gerophytes on the global map, including the Hub vicinity
  1. Sahrim:
    1. Sahrim has received a number of new animations
    2. The existing animations have been reworked
    3. Its walking and turnaround action speed has been dialed down
    4. Sahrim’s attacks have been improved
  2. Improved mob behavior when 2 or more players are next to a mob or mobs
Global Map
  1. The visuals of some Desert areas of the global map have been reworked. The mob and resource locations in these areas have been changed
  1. “Early Access” notification window has been added to the game. It appears every time the player opens the lobby
  2. The “Back” button has been added to account and game mode selection screens
  3. The dark background in Credits has been removed
  4. When playing as the Void, only friends can see your nickname
  5. Public cocoon markers become visible on the global map starting from Account Level 3
  6. The buttons in the character and game mode selection menus now look the same. The background opacity in these menus has been removed
  7. The silhouette in the inventory screen now matched the chosen character gender
Texts and Localization
  1. Multiple edits of the Russian text
  2. The new texts have been localized into English
  1. The campfire visuals have been optimized and have a lesser effect on the frame rate
  2. The chest assets have been optimized
  3. Improved performance when 2 or more players are next to a mob or mobs
  4. Multiple Hub textures and assets have been optimized

Fixed an Issue

  1. that led to the absence of final blow sound effect when hitting a mob
  2. that led to NPCs’ arms becoming invisible
  3. when players could not get out from some of the geysers in the Anomalous Region
  4. that broke the polygon mesh in one of the rocks on the global map

Population Zero, launched last month on May 5th, 2020, is currently in Steam Early Access. Future updates are currently being added to their public Trello board.

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