PlayStation Plus Video Pass May be Sony’s Replacement for Traditional Video Sales/Rentals


Last month, Sony announced that the PlayStation Store, which offered a broad range of movies, TV shows, and pay-per-views to purchase or rent on PS4, would be dropping video and focusing solely on games by the end of the summer. According to Sony, this was due to PlayStation owners’ preference for watching video via streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime…

At SIE, we strive to provide the best entertainment experience for PlayStation fans, and that means evolving our offerings as customer needs change. We’ve seen tremendous growth from PlayStation fans using subscription-based and ad-based entertainment streaming services on our consoles. With this shift in customer behavior, we have decided to no longer offer movie and TV purchases and rentals through PlayStation Store.

Well, there's another wrinkle to this story – it seems Sony may be preparing their own streaming video option. A logo and description for something called PlayStation Plus Video Pass recently popped up on the Polish PlayStation website. It was quickly pulled down, but here are the receipts.

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Here’s how Sony describes PS Plus Video Pass (thanks to Video Games Chronicle for the translation)…

A new benefit available for a limited time on PlayStation Plus… PS Plus Video Pass is a trial service active 22.04.21 – 22.04.22. The subscription benefit is available to PS Plus users in Poland.

There’s still a lot of questions here – will the PS Plus Video Pass be available worldwide or is it just a Polish thing? What kind of content can we expect? The three movies shown in the image are all owned by Sony, but will content from other studios also be included? Will we have to pay extra for the Video Pass or is it included in the basic PS Plus subscription cost? Hopefully Sony answers these questions soon!

What do you think? Does the PlayStation Plus Video Pass sound like a good idea to you? Would it make you more likely to sign up for PS Plus?