PlayStation Experience Happening Once Again In December 2015

Last year, Sony Computer Entertainment hosted a two days long event called PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas, taking the opportunity to make some fairly important PlayStation announcements and showcasing upcoming games (such as the first look at Uncharted 4: A Thief's End gameplay).

A few hours ago, SCE confirmed that they are doing another PlayStation Experience in 2015. This time, the event will take place in San Francisco from December 5 to 6;  the official PlayStation blog teases major PlayStation announcements and of course, some hands-on time for the attendees.

"...the only conclusion is that there will be a lot of news coming from Sony before the year's end"

Those of you interested in actually being there might be happy to know that prices have been reduced slightly. While supplies last, registering before September 20th will get a two-day pass for $60. After September 20th, the same pass will cost $75, with one-day passes going for $45 (Saturday) and $40 (Sunday).

You can buy tickets already at this address, and don't forget to use your actual PSN IDs - the reason is not clear yet, but there might be some bonus for your PSN account in store.

Street Fighter fans might be even more keen to attend PlayStation Experience 2015, as the Capcom Cup will be held there on Sunday, December 6th. This competition will feature 32 of the world’s best players competing for the title of “Street Fighter World Champion”, which also grants the huge $250,000 prize pool.

Sony skipped Gamescom last week in order to focus on Paris Games Week, where it will host a press conference with potential game announcements. If we add this to the PlayStation Experience event, the only conclusion is that there will be a lot of news coming from Sony before the year's end, so stay tuned.

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