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PlayStation Channel Seemingly Uploads Edited Anthem Xbox One X Footage to YouTube


The PlayStation YouTube channel has uploaded the E3 Anthem teaser trailer that was shown during Microsoft’s E3 presser, but it appears that the footage has been poorly edited in Photoshop.

Microsoft showed off the Anthem teaser running on Xbox One X last month, and it seems that the same Xbox One X footage has been now been uploaded to Sony’s YouTube channel. At first it appeared that the footage might be taken from the PS4 Pro version of the game, but various people later noticed that PS4 buttons have been added on top of the original Xbox One X controls. As can be seen in the image below, the Xbox buttons clearly prompt underneath as the HUD of the game fades in.

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While this wouldn’t be the first time that publishers use footage from another version of the game, Anthem’s footage is of particular interest as the demo was shown off running on Microsoft’s more powerful Xbox One X hardware, and the footage might not represent the PS4 Pro version of the game.

Bioware’s Anthem is slated for a release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation next year.

News Source: NEOGAF