PlayStation 4 Update 5.50 Available For Download; Enables System-Wide Supersampling For PS4 Pro


Sony has released PlayStation 4 update 5.50 which offers system-wide supersampling across PS4 Pro consoles.

The update is currently being rolled out to PS4 systems and weighs in at roughly 460MB.
We’ve included the release notes for the firmware update below:

PlayStation 4 Update 5.50 (KEIJI) Beta Out Today; Offers PS4 Pro Supersampling, Play Time Management, Custom Wallpaper Via USB & More

As said, the new software update offers system-wide supersampling, and while this should improve image quality on PS4 Pro for non-4k displays, Sony already warned that it could lower framerates in some instances.

Supersampling mode allows you to get picture quality comparable with 4K even when connecting PS4 Pro to a TV with a resolution of 2K or below

The effect depends on the game – not every improvement will be noticeable. In some games, you can also reduce the frame rate per second.

As covered earlier, the update also introduces the option to use custom wallpapers through USB and offers various library UI improvements alongside Time Play Management.

Sony released the 5.50 beta software earlier this year.