Upcoming PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Update Offers “Foggy” Weather, a New Weapon, Bug Fixes & More

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Sep 8, 2017

Developer Bluehole will be releasing a new PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS update which will include a “foggy weather” condition, a new weapon, and more.

The update is currently being worked on as we speak, and is scheduled to be deployed next week, the game’s official Twitter account tweeted. “We’ve been working on the new build and will deploy the update next week. Test servers will be up for at least 2 days early next week.”

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Among other changes, the update will also introduce FFP leaderboards, and various bugs will be addressed.

PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUND is currently in early-access on PC, and is slated for a release on Xbox One (enhanced for Xbox One X) later this year. As covered earlier, the game recently reached 10 million sales, selling 2 million units within the last 2 weeks.

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Initially a mod for the ARMA series, creator Greene announced standalone PC release last year. “I’ve always wanted to create a standalone game based on the mod I created for the ARMA series, and working with Bluehole gives me the resources and creative freedom to build the experience I’ve always envisioned,” said Greene. “We have a great development team in place, and our goal is to create a realistic open world experience with the deep gameplay and strong combat mechanics.”

The release on Xbox One was announced during Microsoft’s E3 conference this year. “We’re super excited to welcome PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS to the Xbox One Game Preview Program!” said Chris Charla, Director of ID@Xbox, Microsoft.  “Since its launch on PC earlier this year, we’ve been enthusiastic players and it’s been awesome to see its meteoric rise to popularity! We’re eager to collaborate with the team at Bluehole to bring PUBG to the Xbox One community, especially with console launch exclusivity.”

Though published by Microsoft on Xbox One as console launch exclusive this year, the game will likely end up releasing on PS4 in the near future as well.