Pixel Phones Get a New Battery Health Feature That Also Show Multiple Solutions to Prolong Its Life

Omar Sohail
Pixel Phones Get a New Battery Health Feature That Also Show Multiple Solutions to Prolong Its Life

Pixel smartphone owners will now have a better idea about when their handset should be serviced for a new battery thanks to a new feature that Google has introduced. Similar to Apple, the battery health feature displays certain metrics that help users get the most out of their devices.

New Battery Health Features for Pixel Phones Have Been Added in Android 13 QPR1 beta 2

While checking what is new in Android 13 QPR1 beta 2, Esper senior technical editor Mishaal Rahman stumbled across various changes, including an addition of the Pixel battery health feature. Now, it is not as easy to view as one would assume because you would either have to search in Settings Intelligence or Settings Services to look for this feature. You should also note that the battery health option does not appear for everyone, so it is possible that Google is testing it and will officially roll it out once it is ready.

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Evidence that the battery health feature is not yet ready for a mass launch comes in the form of a tweet from Rahman, which states the following:

“Many users are pointing out that the description text is copied from iOS. That leads me to think this feature isn't ready for the prime time!

(I manually enabled this page in Settings Services, so you may not see if it you followed what I did.)”


In any case, the feature is helpful in many scenarios, as Google has provided helpful tips for customers to prolong the battery’s lifespan on their Pixel smartphones, such as which chargers they should use for optimum charging performance, enabling adaptive charging, optimizing other settings, and more. It is not confirmed if the feature is baked into the next Android update, but assuming it is exclusive to Pixel handsets, that makes it even more encouraging to keep those smartphones with you.

Looking at the Twitter thread, it is clear that Google needs to polish its latest Android update, perhaps then, we will have a better look at the feature.

News Source: Mishaal Rahman

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