First Two Physical Models of Intel’s Upcoming “Ivy Bridge” Processors Spotted in the Wild

Hassan Mujtaba

Intel will be releasing its High End Sandy Bridge-E lineup in Q4 2011 while the Ivy Bridge platform would be released in Q2 2012. A Chinese forum has posted a screenshot which displays two physical models of the Intel's 22nm Ivy Bridge Processors, Details below:

The screenshot shows two samples of the Ivy bridge processors code-named "QAX5" and "QAX2", The QAX5 is a Quad Core model featuring stock clocks of 1.80Ghz (Turbo Boost Unknown) with 8MB L3 Cache, TDP - 95W running at a Vcore of 0.8 - 1.25V. The Integrated graphics chip would be DX11 Capable and would feature a memory frequency of 1600mhz. The other "QAX2" model is a Dual Core CPU featuring the same 1.8Ghz stock clock yet again Turbo boost is unknown. Other specs include 4MB L3 Cache, TDP - 95W, Vcore - 0.8 - 1.25V and the graphics chip would feature memory clock of 1600mhz.

From the clocks it looks like these are engineering sample or would be the Entry Level Ivy Bridge Processors as high end would feature clocks ranging in the 2.5-3.5Ghz mark, Intel already confirmed the release date of Ivy Bridge in Q2 2012 by releasing a new roadmap which we detailed here. More info on Sandy Bridge-E and Ivy Bridge below:

New Intel Roadmap Reveals “Sandy Bridge-E”, “Ivy Bridge and More

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