The Photo School Will Give You The Chance To Learn Photography And Photoshop From Hollywood’s Masters – Avail Discount Now


Photography can be a great hobby and you can make it one of your skills as well. Wccftech is offering a limited-time discount offer on the Photo School. Learn photography and Photoshop from some of the most sought-after Hollywood photographers. The offer on this amazing masterclass will expire in a few days, so avail it as soon as you can.

Photo School Features

This is an opportunity that you should not miss, especially if you are an aspiring photographer. This 20-hour masterclass will give you the chance to learn from the best in the industry. Here are highlights of what the Photo School has in store for you:

  • Meet Your Instructors
    Get an Overview of These Hot-Shot Hollywood Photographers
  • The Basics
    Learn the Very Basics of How Your DSLR Works Up to Setting Up Lighting for Shoots
  • Fundamentals of Professional Photography
    Brian Bowen Smith Explains Everything a Beginner Needs to Know When Entering Professional Photography
  • In the Studio with Patrick Hoelck
    Everything You Need to Know in a Studio Setup Shoot
  • Outdoors with Michael Muller
    Master Natural Light, Perspectives, & Angles to Capture Great Outdoor Photos
  • On-Location with Michael Muller
    Master the Principles of Photography When Shooting on Different Locations
  • In the Studio with Michael Muller
    Use the Studio Setup to Your Advantage & Capture Stunning Head Shots and Portraits
  • Natural Light with Patrick Hoelck
    Make the Most Out of Available Natural Light for Your Portraits
  • Brian Bowen Smith
    Understand How Natural Lighting Affects Your Shots
  • Arto Saari
    Capture Actual Actions & Moments in Natural Light
  • Estevan Oriol
    Explore Street Photography Through Estevan's Perspective
  • Movie Posters with Kenny Gravillis
    Graphic Designer Kenny Gravillis Walks You Through the Process of Editing Epic Movie Posters
  • Processing & Retouching in PhotoShop
    From Basic Skin Retouching to Advanced Coloring

The offer on this masterclass will expire in less than a week, so avail it right away.

Original Price Photo School: $2,990
Wccftech Discount Price Photo School: $199.99