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Learning to program is fun and easy with this brand new and exciting bundle that offers you to learn everything about Python. From the Introduction to Programming for Non-Programmers course to the Advanced Python 3 Programming, you will learn all the essentials and advanced fundamentals of Python programming language. Dive into the JavaScript language, functions, variables, making decisions, looping, and more. Once you have learned the basics, proceed to essentials and then advanced skills. This bundle, when finished, will enable you to write Python programs using complex data types and use the language for GUI program, among other uses and applications. Head over to Wccftech Deals to get a whopping 97% discount, or read on to find out what's included in this bundle.

The Perfect Python Programming Bundle

1- Introduction to JavaScript Programming for Non-Programmers

Learn JavaScript, Regardless of Skill Level, & Enhance Your Resume with the World's Most Popular Programming Language

  • Learn how to write programs to display output messages
  • Write programs to prompt for input
  • Use variables to store information
  • Create programs that will make decisions
  • Build programs to repeat a sequence of operation

2- Fundamentals of Operating Systems

Learn to Work Effectively with Operating Systems & Greatly Bolster Your Career Prospects

  • Explain the overall objectives & structure of any modern operating system
  • Identify the differences & similarities between operating systems
  • Describe the functions within an operating system & how they work together
  • List what causes many operating system errors & crash conditions
  • Understand how to use the more advanced operating system features to improve productivity
  • Choose which operating system approach best suits individual situations

3- Python 3 Programming Essentials

Introduce Yourself to This Powerful, Very Common Language & Tap Into a Rich & Growing Job Market

  • Learn the basic structure of Python including Python's data types and control flow constructs
  • Write, debug and execute Python programs
  • Describe and work with nested data types and exception handling
  • Understand the basics of modules and object oriented programming in Python
  • Use Python to work with files and the operating system

4- Advanced Python 3 Programming

Discover the Many Advanced Uses of Python & Diversify Your Programming Abilities

  • Write Python programs using complex data types
  • Create object oriented programs in Python
  • Use Python to create GUI programs
  • Master regular expressions and threads in Python programs
  • Build network programs in Python
  • Work with SQL databases
  • Extend Python programs with C code

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