PC Components In Russia In High Demand Due To Companies Leaving Since The Ukraine Invasion

Jason R. Wilson
PC Components In Russia In High Demand Due To Companies Leaving Since The Ukraine Invasion 2

Russian PC users are currently at a loss for new PCs and components as the lack of hardware and component support from manufacturers has been slim because of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia last year.

Russian consumers scramble to upgrade their systems, and the higher risks are raising prices on specific components

Users are purchasing components for their computer systems and laptops, increasing sales of those parts by as much as four times over the last nine months. The purchased components are CPUs, GPUs, memory kits, SSDs, HDDs, cases, and motherboards. Consumers use more localized online retailers, such as Wildberries, Ozon, and M.Video-Eldorado, to purchase their needed computer components.

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NVIDIA, Dell, HP, and ASUS are four companies that have halted all shipments to the country. At the same time, partners continue to supply GPUs and motherboards to the area, benefiting consumers and businesses. One such company is Lenovo, which designs its systems with exclusive parts that have continued to supply Russian consumers and a few other OEMs during this time.

The lack of components shipped to Russia is causing buckling in many service centers in Russia. Source: CNews

Sales on graphics cards and memory are rumored to be more affordable to purchase, while other components have increased pricing to profit off the demand of users. It is also noted that some shipments from specific suppliers have also expanded to the region to supply customers.

However, some users have chosen to purchase components illegally, placing themselves at risk so that they can receive the parts sooner so that they may upgrade their systems.

In this situation, we may see some companies or unknown third parties choose greed, raising components costs to five times the amount to prey on the lack of support to users in Russia. The GPU crisis was a time when users were left with having to purchase new GPUs from second-hand sellers for pirating costs. With the demand caused by the crypto boom simultaneously, it is no wonder that companies would see a financial gain by upselling the products at a higher percentage.

News Sources: CNews, Tom's Hardware

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