Paypal Updates Android App


In this period, in the age of Information, there are millions of people who use Paypal to perform their transactions to and from different places. Android being one of the most famous OS now a days, has a Paypal App, which due to its popularity is used insanely.

Yesterday, Paypal released an update to their Android App that really boosts its position upwards. They added some really interesting features in the new updates. New features now include:

  • Bump support: Bump is an app that lets two users swap contact info by fist-bumping their smartphones together.
  • Split the Check: This feature allows you to divide the total amount, by the number of people or so and send a request to their account, when agreed, are cut from their account. So, it's kind of a divide and rule policy!

Paypal reports agreed to the fact, that with the Android app they saw an influx in coming and going of money through their system.

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