Don’t have a PayPal? be a PayPal Guest

PayPal the world's favorite and most largest mode of payment especially for the infamous auction site eBay Though PayPal is not available in some countries and there have been countless complaints against this PayPal is planning on fixing this issue by starting a service called "PayPal Guest" which will not require you to have a PayPal account but will of require a VISA/Mastercard credit (and hopefully debit card).

A quote from the source states:

Guest Payments has been introduced because developers asked for it according to PayPal. With it, the process of paying should be much quicker as no PayPal account sign-up is required before a transaction completes. Customers will also be presented with a clear payment screen as there will no longer be the need to offer different choices. Whatever payment card you want to use goes through PayPal’s system.

I would consider this a great service if it does launch there are a lot of things I want from eBay but sadly no one will accept my Visa card, all of them require a PayPal account. But with this countries like Pakistan can finally avail the service of PayPal.

Source: Geek Via TheDownloadBlog

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