Pay Just $27.99 for this 65W USB-C Charger from Anker [$12 off]

Anker 65W USB-C charger available for $27.99.

If you want to charge your USB-C stuff at full speed then Anker is ready to sell you a 65W USB-C charger for just $27.99, saving you $12 instantly.

Anker's 65W PowerPort III Will Charge Everything You Have at Full Speed, Currently $12 off, Now Just $27.99 for a Limited Time

It's always a great idea to buy the fastest possible USB-C charger you can find. The reason for that is simple - your device will only pull the amount of current it can safely take in for fast charging, not a single watt extra. Therefore that extra headroom which you invested in gives you space to charge something like a laptop whenever needed.

This Anker USB-C charger on sale is able to push out 65W of power in total which means it can charge something like a MacBook Pro at 65W speed. If you have an iPhone 13, it can deliver the 20W needed for fast charging. What about a Nintendo Switch? Yup, this thing will charge that too at full speed.

Since this is an Anker product, therefore you can expect it to keep your devices 100% safe during the charging process. It will never ever deliver excess voltage, will keep your devices cool, keep the battery safe and sound, and so much more.

Buy USB C Charger, Anker 65W PIQ 3.0 Type-C Charger, PowerPort III 65W - Was $39.99, now just $27.99

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